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Cameron Dobbins

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Published: 21 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Cameron Dobbins who is from Southern California and who is a minister who “claims” to want to speak or minister “without compromising” is someone who is erroneous in what he says. The meaning of the word erroneous is “wrong, incorrect, mistaken, in error, and not accurate” and these words properly describe Cameron Dobbins and therefore one who is such an individual is in fact someone who is a compromiser. The word compromise carries these synonyms which include the word “undermine, weaken, damage, injure or harm.” Cameron Dobbins therefore by his erroneous ways reveals himself to be a compromiser which means he intends to do harm, damage, and injury to others. How is this possible one can ask? The answer is simple really. He intends to do harm, damage and injury to others who are Christian believers by attacking them. Cameron Dobbins recently did this when in April 8, 2018 he had an article entitled “Lifeway Removes Unbiblical Resources From Their Stores.” He then proceeded to list the authors that he “claimed” that Lifeway who happens to be a Christian Bookstore retailer had now banned. This was in response by Lifeway to Alex Malarkeyu2019s book u201cThe Boy Who Came Back from Heaven: A Remarkable Account of Miracles, Angels, and Life Beyond This Worldu201d where this boy who “claimed” to go to heaven did not. I have no problem with the exposure of what is false. However for Cameron Dobbins to assume that ALL the authors that Lifeway has banned are ALL “heretical teachers” and that ALL their books are “heretical books” is completely erroneous and therefore one who is erroneous is indeed a compromiser (as has been previously established) which means that they are bent on doing harm, injury, and damage to some of these authors who may not be as guilty as Cameron Dobbins would like to believe. Thus Cameron Dobbins who “claims” to be one who wants to minister “without compromise” when he is actually damaging, injuring, and harming fellow believers might I add who may indeed be innocent shows that he is in fact a compromiser and thus his “claim” to want to minister “without compromise” is a fallacy and very much deceptive. As one of the authors whom Lifeway claimed to ban said and I quote: “The person who is deceived believes they are right when in reality they are wrong. That’s scary.” Indeed it is. The Apostle Peter said that those who were false prophets or false ministers would in fact not only minister a “gospel of greed” which some are rightfully and correctly against (II Peter 2: 1-3) but Jude said that some would also minister a “gospel of slander” as well (Jude 10): But these men revile (which means to speak evil or slander) the things which they do not understand; and the thing which they know by instinct, like unreasoning animals, by these things are destroyed (or corrupted). Cameron Dobbins and those like him were correctly spoken of by Jude and therefore should be exposed just like those who are for the gospel of greed should be also exposed as well for heresy is always with BOTH.

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