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Cameron Lobban Bitcoin Scammer Almost Stole Millions

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Published: 09 March 2019

Posted by: Russel

Friends today i am going to introduce a big bitcoin scammer, Site name is This site moderator name is Cameron Lobban as you can find them.

As we all know that Bitcoin is the greatest scam in history. These guys are scamming people through bitcoin and many more.

Friends, don’t worry required action has already been taken, escalated and registered all information to Federal Trade Commission under act Decrypting Cryptocurrency Scams.

address: 181SePxEdo85qEdn9CjkAckWPTYwy7ayK3

Website Name:

The cryptocurrency craze has grown exponentially over the past few years. With dozens of coins surpassing $1 billion in market cap and bitcoin in the hundreds of billions, there’s a lot of money flying around. And wherever there’s lots of money, there are plenty of criminals ready to pounce. Scammers and hackers see the cryptocurrency market as ripe for the picking and we’re seeing lots of bitcoin scams pop up.

What’s more, users are extra keen to get in on the action so they don’t miss out on the next big thing. With crazy volatility in the markets, promises of large returns don’t seem that far-fetched. Combined, these factors can lead to some poor decision-making and people falling for scams more easily.

As such, it’s hugely important to keep your wits about you when dealing with any bitcoin transactions. For example, you wouldn’t open up a bank account with an institution you’ve never heard of. Similarly, you shouldn’t hand over money to an exchange that just happened to pop up in your Facebook feed.

With a little savvy and a lot of common sense, you can navigate the cryptocurrency field as safely and securely as possible. In this post, we’ll delve into the types of scams we’ve been seeing, including plenty of real examples. This way you’ll know what to look out for to avoid falling into similar traps yourself. We’ll then provide some additional tips to help you stay safe and secure in the cryptocurrency market. Let’s jump in!

Coin exchanges
Coin exchanges offer a place for people to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in exchange for fiat currencies or altcoins. Some of the most popular exchanges include Bitstamp, Bitfinex, and Coinbase. Since the cryptocurrency field is so new, all exchanges can pretty much be considered relative newcomers. It’s therefore difficult to know who to trust based on reputation alone.

Even with the most reputable exchanges, bad things happen and people lose a lot of money, often the exchanges themselves. Here are some example situations in which people have lost money through coin exchanges.

Fake or questionable operations – Probably the worst cases are when the people behind the exchanges have negative intentions from the outset.

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