Camp Stewart For Boys

I would never look back upon such horrible fitness camps. STAY AWAY!

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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

In this world full of modernization and increasing population, one needs to stay fit and live a long life so that one has no ailments during older age. Therefore I decided to keep up with my health and join the Camp Stewart for Boys so that I could be more active and healthy, but I still regret my decision joining the camp Stewart. The staff members and the recruiters were very ill-mannered and it came as quite a shock to me. I haven’t shared this story until now due to my own embarrassment. However, I think it is my responsibility to tell the world the reality about Camp Stewart.
My earlier visits to the camp were very horrible and full of obstacles which made me leave this place in the first place. Our batch was new and was in basic training when suddenly I heard the head shouting at one of our batch mates. The reason that he shouted at him was because he started to laugh in the middle of the session which offended the head coach so he suspended the guy for a day. The coach seemed in a bad mood so he expelled all his anger on this new boy which was not a very good start for any of us, it made us scared of him and even if anyone had any query, they didn’t have the guts to question him from the front. This shows the arrogant nature of the coach. One of the other day I got up late and as soon as I came in, one of my fellow batchmates said that the coach would not spare you for this, to that I replied that “the coach seems like a monster to me, always ready to scold anyone anytime.” The day went by smoothly but the night was very scary and horrible because the coach arrived at my room and sat near me, I was pretty sure that someone or the other has told him about my passed out comments. I was very scared of him by now and I still regret about saying against the coach. It’s been two days in this camp and I feel like going home.
The coach sat next to me and enquired about today to which I confessed because he was giving me like, threat warning to get me killed and no one would even know about it. This was such a strange behaviour which made me fall sick. I could smell the fucking alcohol in his breath. How can a person tend to keep others fit when he is a drunkard himself? He was so drunk that he slapped me for this and half of my cheeks were swollen because of that.
The next day I ringed my parents to receive me from this living hell with a demon hitting small kids. I complained about it to my parents, they too were very much surprised and filed a case against the Stewart boys. This has always been one of my worst experience in a boot camp and I would highly recommend everyone to stay out of the reach from such dangerous people who give life threat to kids and beat them up. He never made us understand like a gentleman, all he did was beat up kids and scold them for any small mistakes.

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