Campbell Property Management Cascades

Campbell Property Management Cascades

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Published: 17 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

If the goal of mankind is to be a home owner they certainly were not talking about the condos in Lauderhill called Cascades. Can you believe the old farts that run the association make it impossible to sell your place – rules that don’t make sense for the times…. they harrass residents at every single level – they tow your car when there are no signs showing what the rules are … god help you if your guest backs into a guest spot… plan on spending $180.00 for the tow job. If you are a blue collar worker and can afford a $65,000 condo… don’t buy here! They won’t let you park your pickup truck in their lots. Again – the rules don’t fit the property. Once you are in… try selling your place… better yet… try renting it. You can’t. If they have 20 percent of the residents renting – you can’t rent. They set a limit. That’s discrimination! Want a dog? You’ll get harrassed like you’ve never seen anyone get harrassed. They don’t care about service dogs or fair housing acts… they harrass you to get rid of the dog and threaten you with fines. Buy a new car? Look out you don’t get it towed. You must have a sticker immediately the first day you bring it home or again – $180.00 tow job! It’s enough to make you scream. Because of the housing crash… units went from $160,000 down to $50,000.00 (even lower). So now we have to worry about the element that walks around here now…. you know the idiots that like to pull their pants down and show their underwear to everyone. They like to slam their doors and shake the whole building at all hours fo the night. You know the type…. no concern for the neighbors. Self centered narcissistic – the world revolves around me type. The type that drops trash in the elevators – leaves Q-tips on the side walks with blood on them. The type that doesn’t care that their fast driving through the parking lot might scare off a potential buyer considering your place for sale. Idiots that’s who! They drive crap cars that leave oil all over the freshly sealed parking lots. They drive up on the curbs that were just painted white – just to mark their territory. Idiots. Where is the security? There is none. One of our young women residents got her neckless stolen while walking on the walking path around the ponds… right in the middle of all the buildings – hundreds of windows looking down on the walking path. Nobody seen a thing. Sad. Walk tall and carry a big stick.

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