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Published: 14 January 2020

Posted by: Archik

Bought a car from CamperUK based in lincoln, the sales person was so nice to me and i was taken in by their service and actually bought the car for 750!!! they promised 6 months tax and a fresh MOT on it. told them i wanted to pick up the car on the 16th and they said no problem..called me back the next day told me that could not pick up the car because of the MOT and works needs to be done. Said ok..and waited..(needed the car badly because mother-in-law from malaysia is visiting for two weeks from the 16th april till the 30th april). On the 23rd Camper uk said car was ready with MOT and travelled there to pick it up. (it takes me 1 hour to get there as i live in nottingham).No petrol in the car so decided to fill it up, drove less than 3 miles to the nearest petrol station and filled up 40 pounds worth of petrol, imagine the horror when i saw a pool of petrol under the car (there was a lot of petrol). Already pissed, drove back to talk to the sales person but not available. Left the car, he called back said will check the car. He checked the car and told me i need to pay 75pounds extra to get the car fixed (other half to be bourne by them)! mind you thats 10% of the value of the car and i do not make much money monthly as my wife does not work and a is a student. i’ve collected this money over the period of 3 months!! Told them that i’m not gonna pay as it was supposed to be done under the MOT, they said that it was “sold as seen”- this is an unfair trading standard(to those who dont know) and had the nerves to say that the petrol leak is not covered under the MOT!..what rubbish, for a car to pass an MOT there must be no leakage of fuel and must be safe to be driven! having a petrol leak on a car defies having an MOT in the first place! CamperUK refused to fix the damage, and when i told them i reported to trading standards, they got mad and told me will give refund but not the full amount!… again why would anybody be doing business with them???(poor me!!!). another pointer for the others, it could amount to a criminal offense if the car sold to you is unsafe. until now not replying to my mail, will take this matter further, would be grateful if you could spread the word to be careful when dealing with traders selling on “sold as seen basis” and of course camperUK. In the end all i wanted is a car that can be safely driven but camperUk has failed even to provide that. i dont mind the wear and tear, but petrol fuel line leak??? come on!!! even a 10 year old kid knows that’s dangerous!!!

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