Camping World New Braunfels Texas

Camping World New Braunfels Texas

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Published: 03 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On or about April 28, 2018 I took my RV into the Camping World in New Braunfels Texas. The RV had been broken into where I was storing it and I needed an estimate on repairs for the insurance company. When I arrived I went to the service desk and was helped by a blond/red headed women. I explained that I needed and estimate for insurance purposes and would need the repairs done. I also let her know that i was planning on leaving for a cost trip with the RV on May 26. She indicated that that would not be a problem. She also explained that there was a 119.00 charge for them providing the esitmate, but if I allowed them to do the work, that would be applied to the charges. I also indicated that the front jacks on the RV were causing a fuse to blow, that the underbelly covering in the back of the RV was coming down and that the rear black tank valve was bad. She said they would look at it and let me konw was the charges would be to repair. She did not indicate that I would also be charged $119.00 for each of these estimates as well – yes they charged me $119.00 for each item that they looked at. I did not know this until today – May 25, 2011I did not hear anything from them for almost two weeks. I then went by on Saturday, May 14, 2018 to find out what was going on. I spoke with a young man who had just been hired. He indicated that the insurance adjuster had just come out on Friday, May 13, 2018 and completed his estimate – he provided me with a copy of their estimate. I asked if they had addressed any of the other concerns that I had brought up – the black water tank valve, underbelly covering and jacks. he looked in the computer and told me that nothing had been done to the trailer. he also indicated that the repairs would not be completed until the middle of June or later. I told him at that point in time, not to touch the trailer and that I was going to see if I could find someone else to conduct the repairs sooner. I had reservations for this weekend. He indicated that I would still be charged for the cost of the estimate – $119.00. I told him that I understood that. After some searching, I found a company that agreed to make the repairs much quicker and for less money. Today, I went to pick the trailer up (couldn’t get the trailer due to truck problems). When I arrived to pick up the trailer, the same lady that I dealt with when I first took the trailer in informed me that they actually had the trailer in one of the service bays and were addressing the three items that I had asked about. I explained that I had not authorized them to do any work and that no one had called me to let me know what the charges were going to be or for that matter, what the problem was. She informed me that she would get the technician to write up his notes and that I could come back and pick up the trailer. I was somewhat confused since when I came in on the 14th of may, nothing had been done to the trailer and I had specifically instructed thme not to do any work on the trailer until they heard back from me. I came back to pick up the trailer and was presented with a large bill – for $514.65. $119.00 for the estimate for the insurance company. $119.00 to to do a “Jack Diagnostic.” $119.00 to check the Real Black Tank Valve which I told them was bad and $119.00 to resecure the underbelly and $35.70 for “shop supplie.” I explained to the lady that I understood the $119.00 charge for the estimate and the $119.00 charge for securing the underbelly, but did not agree with the other charges. She became somewhat rude and explained that I had pay for their techs time. I asked if they found what was causing the jacks to blow fuses and she said no – there was nothing wrong with the jacks. I explained that the jacks blew fuses every time we used the RV – she said well if it does it again, you can come back in and we will check it again – and we will charge you $119.00 again. I also told her that I did not agree with the $119.00 charge for telling me that the rear black tank valve was bad. I explained that I already new that and that I was asking them to fix it. I did not need them to tell me something that I already new and certainly didn’t need to pay $119.00 for it. She explained that I would have to accept the charge. I then explained to the lady that I did not receive any phone calls from Camping World during this time, that when I came in on the 14th of May nothing had been done, and that i had told them to do nothing until they heard back from me. She responded by simply telling me that it was not her problem, that I was stuck with the charges and that I could not take the trailer unless I paid them. Having no choice given my reservations for this weeken, I paid the bill and left. At no time did Camping World Rep tell me that they were going to charge me for an hour of labor for each item that I mentioned. At no time did they tell me that i would be charged for an hour of labor for anyting other then the cost to complete the insurance estimate. At no time did the call me to tell me what anything would cost. At no time did I authorize them to incur any charges other then the charge for the cost of doing the insurance estimate. I would not recommend using Camping World for anything given what in my opinion was completely unethical, hidden charges and unprofessional conduct.

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