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Published: 07 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I went to Camping World for a New travel trailer. After a few days, I was congratulated on my New purchase. When I arrived at the location, it wasn’t the one I had wanted. I got the song and dance that this was the ONLY one they could finance. This surprised me as my credit rating is pretty good. I couldn’t take it home right away because the breaker kept tripping and they wanted to fix it. Several days later, I took home my trailer. After a month I started haVing trouble. I live in this as I travel for my Job. I finally took it back after 3 months. Oh…they said it was MY fault the electrical outlet melted. I wasnt suppose to use the microwave and AC at the same time. And, they fixed the leaking shower. I brought it back to my lot. The shower continued to leak. The fuses continued to blow. Bring it back was all they could say. 6 months later, I took it back. Same problem. Same solution! Nothing. Now, almost a year later, I was told to bring it in. I work! This is not easy for me to do and it isn’t cheap in gas. Now, it can’t be looked at because I didn’t make an appointment. I have a letter staying what’s wrong and what it will cost. I also have been scheduled to return the following Saturday for repairs. I called that Saturday afternoon and not only had it not been looked at, the guy who gave me the estimation was a ghost. No one there knows him. They are short staffed and can’t look at it for a week..or two. Probably 3. And since they had already done work on it, my 3 year warranty is no good. I’m still paying for it and this is the same problem. I have a trailer that is falling apart. It leaks. It melts the main power plug. And my warranty is no good after THEY worked on it. I’ll never go back. .

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