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Published: 15 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I worked for Campus Concepts USA from 11/2013 until 01/2014. I worked with a Mr. Jason Geary who was verbally abusive, used foul language and bullied his way through most conversations. It was pretty amazing to me that Mr. Ray Larkin & Mr. Jason Geary sounded identical. I was never “allowed” to speak with Ray Larkin. When I called the company a month ago, Ray Larkin answered the phone…same voice as Jason Geary…just my opinion. Interesting how they moved from Woodland Hills, CA to Dallas, TX and left NO forwarding address… After a belly full of Jason Geary’s abrasive comminucations, name calling and overall disrespect, I resigned. He decided to not pay me for outstanding sales so I took him to court on 07/08/2014 in Van Nuys, CA. At the suggestion of my attorney, I filed a Small Claims case through the LA Superior Court. NO ONE from Campus Concepts USA showed up to the hearing, which is unheard of when a company is reputable. I presented the contract, proof of sales (I spoke with each client individually who verified the sales) and was awarded full payment plus my court fees. I have still not been paid by Campus Concepts USA. Now we are forced to pursue aggressive collection to the judgment and seize their assets. Clearly this is a company that should not be in business. Beware…it’s not a matter of “if” they take advantage of you, but “when”. We have copies of Skype conversations, court judgments and other unprofessional tactics which have and will be used to recover funds owing in excess of $2,600.00. We would be happy with the original court judgment, but after three letters from attorneys with no response from the defendant, are now forced to begin aggressive proceedings. This is not a company you want to get involved with. While their product is fine, their business practices and ethics are a disgrace.

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