Camshaft Innovations

Camshaft Innovations

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Published: 03 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Do NOT throw your money away! This man, Jay Allen, talks a good one, but buyer beware!!!! During months of communication with this Jay, my “new” ready to assemble, PREFITTED parts arrived. Three months late. I completed his spec form as requested, even though it was a stock GM 572 720R The “new” Canfield heads were obviously used. Rust residue in water jackets, other tell tale signs. Once you see one lie, you start to look. Straight edge on the valves, all different heights. Mic out cam, doesn’t match sent cam card info. Cam lobes weren’t even the same. (uniform) Push rods supplied by “CAM MASTER” the wrong length. Valves hit the pistons. Timing chain cover would not work. Had to buy a belt drive. Heads had been ported by who knows who. (this had never been discussed). Several threaded holes in heads stripped, and several had heli coils installed. I had several reputable local speed shops and machine shops view my new trick part. All had same conclusion. I got taken to the cleaners.

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