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Published: 22 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

After 10 years of camping in a tiny camper we were finally able to purchase what we thought was our “Dream Camper” from Canada One RV’s. It quickly turned into our worst Nightmare. We shopped around a lot and decided on a 1992 Dutchman 5th Wheel. There were hassles from the beginning with things like getting an exterior cover for the hot water tank, the keys, new locks, and the transfer of ownership. The kind of stuff that is sort of expected when you are dealing with a private owner, but not with a large ‘experienced’ company. The owner got mad at us because we wanted our paper work done so we could insure the camper. He told us we could walk away and he would cancel the deal right now. All the while our camper was sitting on their lot unlocked. We knew from the beginning that Canada 1 was actually not the owner and that they were selling it on consignment. We also knew that there was an area of floor by the rear door that was a little soft and would need to be repaired. We were not concerened about it and neither was the salesman. We all agreed it would be an easy fix. His comment was that all campers leak, even the new ones and they have to be re-chalked every so often. We had the camper delivered out to our permanent site in the Interlake area of Manitoba. Everyone there was as excited as we were about the “new trailer.” The delivery guy was amazingly helpfull. We gave him a nice tip. The next week was the much anticipated May long weekend. Our whole family was out and ready for a fun weekend. We had brought out lumber to build on a small add-a-room and decided that first of all we would repair the weak spot in front of the door. When we pulled back the carpet there was actually a hole right through the floor! As we continued around the room it got worse and worse. The floor was completely rotten under all of the built-in cupboards and the couch. The subfloor was covered with black and whilte mold. The walls behind the built-ins were in the same condition. Our daughters had slept in this room the week before! Our holidays were starting in 2 weeks and we were devastated. Our 4 daughters were heart-broken. We had looked so forward to this summer and everything just fell apart. We could not even sleep there so we came back to Winnipeg. After some discussion with various people in the field and some research we decided to do what we could to repair it …..all the while thinking that Canada 1 (closed for the holiday) would surely stand behind us and support us. After purchasing more materials such as sealers and mold killers we headed back out to the lake, without the kids. Upon further inspection we found all the wallboard, vapour barrier, and insulation to be soaked. The sub-floor was rotted and the floor insulation was soaked. The plastic ‘basin’ (not sure what it is called) under the floorbeams had a few inches of rank water in it. We slit this open from underneath and buckets of water poured out. But, we percevered and thanked our stars that the problem seemed to stop at the edge of the living room area. We opened it all up so it could dry out well and headed back to the city for a week. During that week we went into Canada One RV’s and told them of the problem and showed the pictures. They were shocked and assured us that they would “make sure we were taken care of” and “would certainly do something for us.” We were told to save all our reciepts and we, in turn, said we would keep costs to a minimum. We were happy with that. So with enormous support from our fellow campers and family we replaced floor joists, subfloor, wallboard, insulation, vapour barrier, electrical, underlay, and carpeting. We took pictures of the process and kept every reciept. We were led down the garden path for the next week buy Canada 1. They assured us over and over again that they would try to contact the previous owner and we would then be compensated. Then, on the last day before our holidays they said they were going to do absolutely nothing. “You bought it, you deal with it, It’s not our problem.” They could not contact the previous owner and so were going to do nothing. They even accused us of knowing the damage extent from the beginning. Then the manager called the “You had a chance to back out of the deal card” which was actually over another incident totally unrelated to this one. We did go to the Better Business Bureau and they suggested small claims court. At this time we did some investigating on our own pertaining to some papers found in the camper. It appears, to us, that the previous owner was actually an employee of Canada 1 RV’s! Surprised?! Not really. So, what did we do? Well, sometimes the best revenge is ‘just doing well.’ We repaired the damage, found the sources of the leaks, fininshed the add-a-room and moved on. Above all else, we learned a lot. There are people in this world that feel that money is the most important thing. They will take your last dime and not feel one bit of remorse. They do not care how they hurt you or your family. It’s all about the money. We chose to not make it about that. We share our story with everyone we can. We have heard worse ones about Canada One RV’s in return. Mention the name anywhere and people have a sad story to share. We have several friends who have since bought new campers and did not even consider Canada 1. So, we’re good. It could have been worse….we could have spent 4 times as much money on a new camper and had the same horrific experience. Right? E & B wood Winnipeg, ManitobaCanada

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