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Published: 16 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I lived in edmonton over the summer of 2007 because i was a summer student. I currently live in Calgary AB and because of school I am unable to fight this case my self. I purchased a used 1992 plymouth laser (AWD Turbo) from a small car dealership, before i bought the car i had redone the heads and redone the upper half of my engine. This made my engine run at optium efficiency. About a month and a half of getting all this costly work done a was due for new front tires and my first oil change. The only place that was avaliable to do my tire/oil change was canadain tire. They took my car in and started to work on my tires and oil change at the same time. There was only one person working on my car and he was about 16 years old. He finished the job, but he din’t do any of the 25 point checks that come free. I paid about $400 for all the work and the same day i was on my way to calgary. On the way there i noticied poor performance from car (since i got the enigine bebuilt i never had this problem). By the time a reached calgary i went to the Canadain tire by my house. I noticied excessive smoke coming from my exhaust. At canadain tire they said my oil filer was not put on correctly and strated leaking one machanic quoted me “you were very close to blowing your engine. I drove my car for about another 50km and same problem. Only this time i saw oil underneath my car. I towed my car to the place i brought it from and they told me a had a blown engine due to low oil conditions. Before i had my car serviced at canadain tire i never had this problem, my car ran perfectly with no flaws. I called canadain tire and told them about the problem, they started an “investigaion” but never got back to me. I called the canadain tire in edmonton that worked on my car and they told me to “screw off and don’t call again”, he also questioned my intellagence. Those words came from the service manager at the canadain tire in edmonton. Iam back in school and i can’t afford to pay for a car that i can’t even drive, Iam still paying for the rebuilt engine. Dave calgary, AlbertaCanada

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