Canada's Best Flooring Steve Brown

Canada's Best Flooring Steve Brown

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Published: 19 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Steve Brown from Canada’s Best Flooring came into my sign business in Niagara Falls requesting a rebrand of his materials, name and signage instore and out. My company provided all rebranding/layout services and signs for his new company at the time Harwood Flooring Direct. Steve paid a small deposit for the layout services so i thought we would be fine to proceed with the rest of his work. After providing everything to him including all physical signage I sent his invoice of just over $800. This is when I started hearing less and less from him.asi work with mostly large corporations i am used to 30 day recievables and thought nothing of it until it had been too many unanswered calls. I decided to drive tohis business and found it to be closed for theday or so I thought. Shortly thereafter i found everything was moved out of his store and i was left without a way to collect the money i have already paid out to complete his projects I know it is not a comfort to hear or have happen from a consumer standpoint but i hope this message somehow finds Steve Brown. In all the complaints that i have been reading, his track record of just taking peoples money and not providing the services promised is deplorable and he also does not pay his suppliers either. Such a person should be prevented from opening another business ever again. I know he has opened another business called Kawartha Flooring Liquidators as i sent a bogus inquiry email and sure enough he responded and on his signature had the same Cellular number as his previous company and he signed it Steve. I will be filing another complaint to the fraud unit at Niagara regional and also lettingthem know i have located this particular individual. This should never happen to anyone.

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