Canadian Dominion Homes, Inc.

Canadian Dominion Homes, Inc.

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Published: 30 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This company is a SCAM. Eli Levinson is a thief and conniving man. He has lied about everything, falsified documents, made fictitious claims. – Rented our properties well below market value – He has NO “qualified” tenants. As a matter of fact he has no database. All he does is posts ads on kijjii and rents it to the first person who gives him CASH payment. – He has not made rent payments to us for the last 3 months. Over the 8 months we had 6 bounced cheques from his company and he never paid the NSF charges. – The tenants he put into our properties have destroyed our house and it’s beyond recovery at this point. – He NEVER responds to emails or phone calls (according to his receptionist he’s always on vacation) – He has THREATENED some of my friends (who I introduced him to). Read in detail here I have made a grave mistake by trusting this man and giving him my portfolio to manage. I wish I had kept my properties vacant. BE AWARE OF THIS MAN. There are at least 15 property owners who are taking him to court for damages ranging from $5000-$50,000.

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