Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind

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Published: 27 September 2018

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Reporting an unethical ran business, not paying over time to employees telling them they are not entitled to overtime because the are salaried personel. Which you are intitled too after 44 hours you are not to say anything she will denie it. No employee is signed off to work overtime for times that they work. Not filled with goverment to work overtime. Gives employees their contracts stating that they must work certain dates stating that they will not get paid for overtime. Had first employee reviews this year she actually named people in reviews that other personal are not to help or assist at anytime. Taking sick leave away for no reason just decided that they are now not entitled to it till next contact no change in policy & procedures. In reviews she has put you must attend after hours functions. Some staff are reporting to her daughter that has no manager experience she is only 24 years old. The board of directors most of the staff do not know who they are. There is know public meeting or minutes that are published we do not know when meeting are or what was discussed. If you do not agree with Ms. Thornton you will be let go. She makes her training department work all this overtime with no pay will not acknowledge that she owes them time and half for hours worked over the 44 hours. She does not adhere to PIPDEA she puts all employees files together doctors notes, WSIB claim all mediacal information in the same file not filed seperate. There is no training when hires you are thrown to the woloves msut teach yourself what you need to do. Ms. Thornton is very rude to all her employees she will talk down to them at all times. The maner she speakes to her employees is appauling. She jokes how the board has no clue on what goes on within the organization so there is no sense in involving them. We have a new Director of Training is trying to help the training department but what about the rest of the personal that is being treating poorly and disrepectable. .

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