canadian model talent convention

canadian model talent convention

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Published: 01 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I was looking for acting opportunities and found this one that was happening soon and was close to where I live. It was a convention and they told me to go to a hotel in downtown Ottawa for the audition. I went down that night and sat throught the convention that lasted 2 hours and they basically said that they were going to narrow down the amount of people who were applying to keep the ones that they believe have potential in the industry. The next day I get a call and they tell me that I was was picked to stay and that only about 40 percent of the applicants were chosento participate. They immediatly told me to register and pay the downpayment to hold my place since it could be taken by someone else. Under pressure, I invested and paid the 200$ of downpayment. I also needed to pay 2000$ for additional fees that would be due for march. I would constanty have questions about the convention and would send them emails and receive responses immediatly. I later contacted my brother who lives abroad to tell him about what I was about to invest in and he began questionning me about it. He went on to send me scam reports and reviews from people who were not happy with their experience with CMTC. I thought it through and before submitting any of my choices for the convention and pay 2000$, I sent an email to the lady responsible of the registrations, Megan Fuger, and said that I wanted to be withdrawn from the convention. She replied: u00ab Okay, thank you for letting me know. u00bb, which made me think that it was over. I wanted to be heard so I sent another email to Mercedes, the representative whom I spoke to since the beggining. I did not recieve any reply. So from september to march, I thought I was done with this organization and was going on with my life. I go on to recieve an email reminding me of the fees I owe this company. I told them that I did not want to be involved with them and did not recieve a response from them since september. They were quick to send me their u00ab no backtracking I have completely forgotten about this convention and they sent my account to the collection agency. I am thinking of taking this to court, they mainly deal with minors and yet are so strict on their policies. I donu2019t remember them ever asking for an adultu2019s agreement. I have found that many people have the same struggles with this talent management. This was a horrible horrible idea. Waste of time and money. I am 17 years old, and donu2019t know how I am supposed to find 2000$ to pay a convention I wonu2019t be attending. I have not been setting any money aside for this activity. As I said, I wish I never got involved in the first place.

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