Canadian Mortgages Inc.

Canadian Mortgages Inc.

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Published: 02 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This company charged me over 2000. Dollar renewal fee on a one year loan even though I made all my payment on time ! When I asked them why it was so high they claimed because it’s a bad economy . They knew they had me in a position i had no choice to but to renew and when they seen that they took full advantage ! Also when I went to close out the loan of 60 thousand it cost me 63599. Dollars 3599. Dollars on a loan that I had only 2. Months left to pay out rediculas! Absolute ripoff ! And they get away with this sort of tack ticks and if you don’t pay them you fricken loose your house they are cold calculating and out to take everthing you own and kick you when you are down !!! Beware. Don’t deal with them !!!

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