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Published: 23 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On December 5, I had an incident with Canadian Tire Auto Service where the police was involved. It all started when I brought my car for service, specifically wheel alignment. After I went back to get my car, the sleazy and very unprofessional guy at the counter told me that my battery was dead. I never had a problem with my battery and it always have started up my car right away.In fact the car day before was sitting outside in cold and I had no problem starting my car in the morning. Then the guy said that the thread on my tires was too low and did no want to do wheel alignment on them before I consider purchasing 4 new brand tires, so basically he tried to rip me off for a new battery, 4 new tires and wheel alignment. I was upset at the whole deal and told him that he is ripping me off, then he became upset and told me that he will not service my vehicle and put my vehicle outside with a dead battery. He used booster cables at the shop to start the car and put the vehicle outside. I called the cops because I,my 3 year old brother and my mother were stuck there with a broken vehicle that they and I am 100% convinced tempered with, which is against the law. The cops arrived and took their side because one of the cops said that his brother works there, so it was very obious to me why that crooked cop took their side. Then they told me that I have no proof that they tempered with my vehicle and that I should leave the premises.If I come back that I will be charged for trespassing. I had to wait outside in the -15 Celsius cold with my mother and my 3 yearold brother for CAA to arrive and boost up my battery. And I am not allowed to go there or I will be arrested. Is this how Canadian Tire treats it’s customers??? DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO SERVICE THEIR VEHICLE AT THAT OR ANY CANADIAN TIRE AUTO SERVICES BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL BUNCH OF RIP OFFS!!!! THEY LIE, CHEAT, SCAM, SHADY LOOKING AND READY TO RIP OFF ANYONE!!! Reading other reports on Canadian Tire and I am not surprised at all that I am not the only one who was ripped off by Canadian Tire Auto Service. The rip offs by Canadian Tire should be stopped and those who rip people off SHOULD BE ALL FIRED!!!! And Canadian Tire should repay all the damages to people who have been ripped off!!! WILL NEVER, EVER CONSIDER SERVICING MY VEHICLE AT THAT OR ANY OTHER RIP OFF CANADIAN TIRE AUTO SERVICE LOCATIONS!!!!!!!! Thank You for Reading this report! Licthenberg Toronto, OntarioCanada

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