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Published: 24 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Another great post by AnnetteKaye Kruse Herreid Casady Reynoldsl Bedwell Intelligent! HOW DARE YOU say that I sent you an email .. That is crazy! AND the other emails are notifications from this site when I respond to your sick posts. I am sure it is you playing victim AGAIN .. Funny, I have the email about how you are accused of killing a dog, how your dogs bark all of the time yet you blame the neighbors, and how messy your property is, and I have the FB messenges and law enforcement inquiries of your stealing from an elderly man that was in your care. Oh, and the classic death threats! That’s okay; we have forwarded the copies! ANNETTEKAYEKRUSEHERREIDCASADYREYNOLDSBEDWELL-LAND. You talk about Johnny like he is a trophy and we both know that he is not. He know that he has to help you because you are unable to care for yourself. Just like paying for your electricity bills and buying the groceries because you were unable to feed your children. You just don’t have anything else to talk about. AND you are sadly mistaken; I threw him out, left him standing in a parking lot with your texts in his hand. All recorded! Left like the trailer trash you both are! There; I have no problem in writing it. Not sure about the family part since we are having a huge get together with children, parents, grand-children, and friends on Sunday in OUR backyard for a huge birthday party for my father. Of course, this is all you can write as usual. As always, we wish you well in your harassment and slander as we wish you well in all of your endeavors. I haven’t gotten a copy of the books yet. You must have forgotten to send them to me! It is very becoming of you! Have a wonderful day!

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