candian tire 1019 sheppard st east

candian tire 1019 sheppard st east

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Published: 14 September 2020

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Took my wife van in for a blown power steering pump and tensioner pulley that had gone bad Rene Germain printed out the work order and said lets check the suspension for a addition fee of $29.00 in witch it be waived if i had done the work there.Fine? Well the inspection report came in .Well your car needs alot work .OK? IT needs power steering pump right side outer tie rod end left side inner tie rod stabaliser links.I asked how much and he said it be about $1500.00. well I said the Right outer needs to be changed .But leave the rest alone .end of conversation . ten minutes later i get another call saying no sir we do not want to fix your car unless you repair what we said.Had us pinned between arock and hard place since we need the car for the next day for work that demands a car. out haste I said repair it . picked up the car the next day read the final work order and it was $1533.33 .TO my suprise in this price was included an engine shampoo,power steering pulley and flush and an additive that was not nessary and inspection of my in tie rod end it was fine now the tensioner pulley that I ordered din”t even get looked at . I did not authorize the power steering pully or the shampoo or the additive and to boot the inner tie rod was in pefect shape.canadian tire stores are mostley owned by franchises and there not all the same Danforth and Victoria park are not bad but had issues with them to another thing these shops must com pley with industries labour rates such as chiltons, mitchell shop key adp and various .FOr example power steering pump on a dodge 200 1 caravan they say it pays 3.5 hours but yet I have this do reseach a t $ 89.00 thats $311 dollars canadian tire strong arm tactic are not acceptable perhaps a class action law suit mite bring theme back down to earth Here another number to call canadian tire head office automotive repair complaints askfor Serge at 1-800-357-8803 EXT6564 tell him that rob sent you. have agood night rob

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