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Published: 20 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Candlelight Inn is an American restaurant which is situated in Scarsdale, New York. It claims to have one of the best food and services in town besides another restaurant in the locality. For a hotel to be the best it should have quality food and services so that their customers can be satisfied. Your services should be on top-notch and your customer should not find any difficulty while he is there. But all the claims made by Candlelight Inn have been wrong. The customers have to wait for too long before they are assigned a table, the place is overcrowded and the management was unable to control it. Because of the overcrowding, they take too long to make your food, half of the customers leave while waiting. The service is been below average too because of that. I had a terrible experience with this place and I found out, I’m not alone.
You should deliver quality food to your customers and should not compromise on it. But according to customers Candlelight Inn have failed to deliver quality food to their customers. I got sick after having dinner at Candlelight Inn. I used to be a regular customer at Candlelight Inn until this time when one day I went there and ordered wings and fries with chili. My condition becomes worse at around 5 am as I was vomiting continuously and the last thing I ate was my dinner at Candlelight Inn. I became more furious when I called Candlelight Inn and told them about my condition, I was shocked to hear that they made no apologies or ask me about my health. I’m never going back there. First, they gave me food poisoning and then they didn’t even apologize for the same. What kind of messed up place is this?
Other customers have also reported that Candlelight Inn is always keen to make their money as they have no concern about their customers. As one of the customers reported that the service was atrocious at Candlelight Inn as he had to wait for fifteen minutes for a glass of water but on the other hand two new parties received their alcohol within seconds. He was furious that the restaurant only prefers those people who they know are going to pay them a good amount of money.  This made the customer unhappy about how he was treated at Candlelight Inn; he says that if it would be the last place on earth serving free wings, he still won’t go there.
Customers have also reported that Candlelight Inn has bad customer service as well as they don’t know how to treat their customers properly. One of the customers tells that he called Candlelight Inn to order but the guy on the other side was rude, the customer asked for an extra sauce upon which the customer service representative hung up the phone. At the takeout, the waitresses read his order incorrectly and gave him a bad attitude. Well, if Candlelight Inn will not take action any action on this, they will certainly be going to lose their customers.

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