Candy Coated Doxie

Candy Coated Doxie

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Published: 16 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I purchased a 2nd puppy from this breeder in April 2013. The puppy I received did not appear to look like any Mi-KI puppy I came across during my research of the breed and certainly did not look like the first puppy I purchased from this same breeder in January 2013. The breeder claims the 2nd puppy is a registered Mi-Ki pedigree puppy because she has it registered through three different registries not associated to AMRA or IMR. Since I seriously had doubts that the 2nd puppy I purchased could actually could have Mi-Ki ancestry in the bloodline, I had it DNA tested. The DNA results confirmed that the breeder cross bred a full blooded Yorshire Terrier with a Mixed Breed that had no genes or ancestry of Mi-Ki bloodlines that include Maltese, Japanese Chin and Papillon. The mixed breed ancestry including other Yorkshire Terrie and Dachsund genes present. This is quite concerning since this breeder also advertises and sells registered Yorkshire Terriers and Dachsunds. I notified the Candy Coated Doxie breeder immediately of the testing confirmation results and requested a full refund since I did not receive the advertised pedigree puppy of Mi-Ki heritage that I paid for. The breeder refuses to refund the money claiming that the scientific based study is inaccurate because her proof is that the dogs she used to produce the litter are registered Mi-Ki’s. Because of the findings of the 2nd puppy’s pedigree I had the first puppy I purchased DNA tested as well. The DNA results for that puppy show that the breeder cross bred a full blooded Miniature Poodle with a Mixed Breed (s**+ Tzu/Lhasa Apso mix) that once again did not include any genes or ancestry of the Maltese, Japanese Chin and Papillon pedigrees. Of course the breeder claims that the parents for my first puppy are all registered Mi-ki’s and that she purchased them from another breeder as in the 2nd puppies case. How could this breeder not recognize that a Yorkshire Terrier (full blooded) and a Miniature Poodle (full blooded) do not look like Mi-Ki’s before breeding the animals especially since she breeds YorkshireTerriers and sells them. I questioned the look of the mixed breed puppy I received immediately. Beware of this dishonest breeder and her desire to sell anything she can for financial gain.

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