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They lack everything good for customer’s services.

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Published: 19 July 2019

Posted by: Andrew

At Cape Cod Brass and Security Hardware, the service is the worst I have ever had with such businesses. I placed an order and received it five weeks later. The order got lost on the way and there was an error in baggage load. I called to be clear on the very late delivery. The customer service wasnt available.

I ordered Chain Guards from Cape Cod Brass and Security Hardware and they told me that small items are easily misplaced. The staff member was rude about the delay of my order. Bad customer service spoils the reputation of the company.

I don’t recommend Cape Cod Brass and Security Hardware for their terrible customer services I experienced.

The many telephone calls I made to the brassware company were not returned. I failed in trying to find my order and will not recommend this company to others so they don\’t have to experience this frustration.

The broken promises from Cape Cod Brass and Security Hardware filled more negative thoughts in my mind. It is not the only online business that keeps Chain Guards. I recommend you look elsewhere online.

I got the most unprofessional and insensitive behavior from the staff at Cape Cod Brass and Security Hardware. I am not impressed with the lack of business skills and bad services I have had to endure. The charges on bought items I did not receive are high and an inconvenience to pay back. I tried to contact staff members about the expenses and the orders I didn’t receive but it was of no use.

This bad experience shocked me, especially when I did not receive the order. I have lost interest in Cape Cod Brass and Security Hardware and will not deal with this hardware company again.

It was the worst experience I have had with customer service from an online company. They have a rude, negligent, and a \’don’t care\’ attitude about the orders not reaching on time to customers. The staff members place customer’s services last on their priority list at Cape Cod Brass and Security Hardware. Customer’s services is a top priority for any business, and I have not seen that in this company.

Unfortunately, those bastards have no growing future for a progressive online company. The interest looks dull with such bad customer’s services I don’t see a future for this company.

The quality of items is weak and not worth putting on your shelf. The unwillingness to help with the order shows their hopelessness to customer care. It is terrible to get no response for a week after placing an order. There is no time of delivery and the tracking link is a failure to search for the order online.

The slow process is disappointing and not fair to any customer. I will not recommend Cape Cod Brass and Security Hardware to customers in search of such items. The lack of communication skills and lack of everything that makes customer’s services excellent is not present in this company. Information about where the order shipped off from is not clear on the website.

I’m repeating, I am not impressed with the services of this horrible company. They showed no interest in what I wanted from the company and have spoiled the business relationship I thought I had with staff members.

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