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Capella University

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Published: 23 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Please take my advice and avoid Capella University at all costs. The reasons are many, but I’ll abbreviate here. | 1. It’s a profit driven school. This means, they are bottom line driven, first, education driven second. | 2. Some of the teachers are partime in their efforts as wll as work. This means you get canned, paste and copy responses. I can tellyou the last professor I had was impressive. Unfortunately the school was not. | 3. They are so anxious to make their money they try to pressure you to register. This is a number one red flag for any on line learning center. I had deadlines and I couldn’t stop to register. The admissions counselor hounded me until I told her to either wait (there was no issue with my erollement for waiting) or unenroll me. She finally got me another counselor. Obviously there was some sort of quota to make, and I wasn’t contributing to her cause. | 4. I asked the new enrollment counselor if everything was in place weeks before classes started. She assured me all was good. I started class and they had never processed my financial aid (loans) because I had to fill out additional paperwork. I was told (after being in class for a week and working like mad) that I could just fill out the paperwork and IF it went through I’d not be dropped. IF? | 5. This is probably the most telling! They promise you all sorts of credits for your work and experience. The reality is, they still have you taking a full load of Master’s courses. In my case I had credits for all sorts of accounting courses, when the reality was, I still had 33 credits to take, a typical load for a Master’s degree, and none of these classes were in my area of expertise. Nonsense. I really really question this school’s business values, Do compare the courses you will take at several different schools. This was a clear sign this school is a rip off and substandard at best. | Needless to say, I regsigned from the course and the school. They are only worried about the next student they can make a profit on. Do yourself a favor—stay away from this school. | The education is substandard as well as the support. I got off easy, no loans due no payments due. I am hearing a lot about people who aren’t so lucky. I have a friend who just got his Masters Degree here and received a 4.0. I hate to tell him, that it probably wasn’t all that hard and it’s kind of like the prize in a box of Cracker Jax. Everyone gets one. | The most negative reviews are for the PHD programs. He’s about to start at Capella, I will definitely advise him otherwise. | I would be truly surprised if this school’s accrediation isn’t pulled and there wasn’t a class action lawsuit at some point. | I doged a bullet here. Whew!

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Capella University

Please take my advice and avoid Capella University at all costs. The reasons are many, but I’ll abbreviate here. | 1. It’s a

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