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Capital Choice Financial is a credit card scam. They sent me a check that was actually fake and want

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Published: 30 July 2017

Posted by: Thomas J. Jones

I received a letter from Capital Choice Financial stating they I have been approved for their credit card and all I need to do is share my banking details with them. That was necessary in order to “incorporate” my account with their program. They further said that if deposit $1463 into now our “mutual” account, their credit card with a $10000 limit would have no interest if I pay them back within six months.
Did they think I’m mentally retarded? Who the fuck would do these things and share their bank details with these idiots in the promise of financial help? I’ll tell you who!!! People in trouble. These fuckers would never get me and I even forwarded my letter straight to the bank and the police informing them about the fraud. But these fuckers have no scruples. This story is 100% true and there are facts you can find both online and in public archives to substantiate it.
A buddy of mine had the misfortune to be really affected by the hurricane IKE. His mom was in the middle of its path and he barely got her out in time, but her house was almost completely destroyed. Insurance covered the costs of the house but she was left with no savings as she had it in the form of valuable figurine collection. All that gone. A couple of weeks after IKE she received a similar letter from Capital Choice Financial. They promised to help her with the bills and money flow but in return, she had to deposit $1420 into a mutual account as an insurance policy that she would honor the terms of an agreement. I AM A COLLEGE EDUCATED MAN and I barely understood the letter. They convoluted it so hard that it takes a law degree and multiple readings to understand the terms these fuckers made my friends mom sign.
What kind of a sick company preys upon elderly people that have just gone through a trauma like a hurricane IKE? These motherfuckers jumped on board the misery train and fucked over who knows how many people. And it’s still amazing that authorities can’t do shit about it because technically the things they are doing are not completely illegal. Only slight!
So Beth deposited money mostly ‘cos she didn’t wanna be a burden on Mike’s back and she wanted to take care of her own problems. These fuckers took her money and told her that an adviser will come by the house to attend to her financial needs. Only he never showed up.
This poor old lady kept quiet about it for almost a year. And that wasn’t because she was embarrassed or anything, it was because she couldn’t fathom that these greedy fucks would do such a thing! Beth comes from a time you could trust people and she has never met scammers like these. When she finally confessed my buddy that she thinks they stole her money and defrauded her, it was already too late. All the offices she received letters from were closed. The mutual account was emptied and closed. Phone numbers that were on the letters and business cards were disconnected. They erased everything and there was no proof that he could use to pursue them.
In the end, he gave her the money back, his own money, and told her he managed to track them down and collect. Imagine the pain he had to be feeling in order to do that. these guys took advantage of his mom and he couldn’t bare the fact that she was feeling like crap. That is even more important than money!
These guys not only steal the money from unsuspecting people, they prey upon the elderly, people in need and people that have no means of defending themselves from this scam. and the worst part is that they don’t only rip off their victims, but in many cases they ruin their lives and people are left feeling ashamed and embarrassed. That is such bullshit and if they ever catch these idiots from Capital Choice Financial, I hope they burn them on a public square. Not jail, not penalties. These fuckers are so crooked they do not deserve to live! And I believe they are still doing this so watch out for them!

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