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Capital City Insurance

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Published: 09 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

my wife and I own and operate a window cleaning company in Fort Worth Texas; in business for 22 years. We purchase commercial insurance for our vehicles. For the past few years we have been with Mercury Insurance. They are represented by Capital City Insurance out of Austin Texas. Capital City Insurance has been charging my company for pip and uninsured motorist. This is an option that we waived, but they still charged us. This has been ongoing for about one year. We have been charged in excess of $800.00 The matter of fact is; shortly after we signed up with this company, about one year ago, we discovered that we were being charged for pip & uninsured motorist. We were told by our representative back then, in writing; “not to worry this charge would go away”. We took their word but discovered after checking our books recently that we have been charged pip & uninsured motorist for the past year although we waived this option. This representative is no longer with the Capital City Insurance Austin Texas. However, we have paperwork to back up our claim. We contacted our “new” agent at Capital City insurance Austin Texas about this matter and she disputed our claim. We then backed up our claim with paper work and solid proof that we are owed money. We have since contacted Capital City Insurance Austin Texas. The first time they said “underwriting would have to look it over” That was well over a month ago. We still have not gotten a check from them. Isn’t it peculiar; when they want their money, they get it immediately or they cancel your policy. Although, when they owe you money, you have to fight like hell to get it if you ever do. We have filed a report with the BBB on Capital City Insurance Austin Texas and reported them to the state insurance board. I will never do business with Capital City Insurance in Austin Texas, nor would I recommend anybody use their services.

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