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Dont waste your time going here!

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Published: 13 July 2019

Posted by: Luther

One of my friends had visited this place and it was one of his worst experiences ever. He recommended that it’s better for one to visit a different shop but not that one. Actually, he had a number of reasons as to why he recommended so, here are some of the reasons: Cap City has terrible customer service. He had been going there for a long time (over 10 years). And it was not just a bad apple here and there, there was a culture he never liked. Unfortunately, they never treated customers in the right way as per his expectations while he had visited them.

Sometimes back, my friend’s sister and her daughter went into capital city loan and jewelry to buy an Xbox when they went to the window actually they found nobody to assist them. They saw the Xbox behind the counter marked for 200. She then asked her daughter to call the game stop to compare price. When out of the corner one of the employees showed up to the window and never greeted them but started saying game stop was way more expensive but with a bad tone, they stopped him very quickly and told him that he was unprofessional. And they left. The guy actually, caused the customer to decide to never step a foot there again.

This was not the first time with my friend since earlier that month he was in there to buy tools. When he saw them selling a Samsung curved 55 for 800 he told him that looked too expensive for a used TV. But the service rep challenged him that he was lying. He was full of it and bet him that he was wrong, and he gave the customer his phone number so he could send him proof so he did, he sent the service rep the pictures of a TV with everything along with some additional features. Then the representative accused him that he was lying and the model he showed was the cheaper model. Actually, he did not respond back and left the place, next time he came in there as soon as he saw him he screamed he sold that TV for asking price. Cool you ripped someone off that was too cheap to have a Costco membership, he had to let him know of this. Generally, this place’s customer service is bad and of low quality. My friend saw it first hand when he used to go there. He had never been disrespected like this by any other person that had been working there.

He is not alone in this. Here is another case, where a customer visited there to make a payment for his mother in law and the guy that supposedly \”helped him\” seemed to be too rude. He didn\’t greet him, took forever to just make a payment and didn\’t even talk to him. The customer finally decided, he will never ever step a foot in that place again. It was his first time and decided to be his last due to very bad customer service!! They need to understand that customers are what even keeps them in business. What I’m saying is that this place has a pattern of disappointing customers through their horrible service.

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