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Published: 18 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Capital Direct Merchant Services is a credit card processing company. Their “VP” Kelly Cusate, & their “local rep” Alex Clemens, came to my small consignment shop in Lancaster County, PA, asking that I consider doing a trial run with their company to see if they could save me money. Like an idiot (& I should have known better)-I agreed. I told Ms. Cusate that my husband is the sole owner of the business. She told me that was fine, I could just sign for him (again-red flag). She promised me 24 hour turnaround for deposits in to my account. She promised me that they would pay any cancellation fees that my current company would bill me for-not mentioning that I would have to pay the exhorbitant fees, then bill Capital Direct, THEN wait at least 30 days to be reimbursed. She promised 24 hour deposit in to the business account. After many calls were made to customer service, they were unable to deliver this, & my current processor told me that they would match whatever anyone else offered me. At our intial meeting, Kelly told me that if I was not satisfied, I could call customer service to cancel (the 888 number that was on her business card). I called in to cancel & spoke with Isaac. At that point, I believed that my TRIAL account was canceled. Money continued to be debited from my business account for the next several months, totalling $250.00. When I called in & spoke with Isaac again, his response was “I never spoke to you” (of course, how else would I know your name?). He then told me that he would have to send me a paper to request cancellation. I also requested that he arrange to have equipment picked up. He also said “if you noticed that money was taken from your account, why didn’t you call sooner about it?” I told him that the debits were showing up as “merchant services”, so at first I thought it was my current company taking money out. However, when I found the amount to be excessive, & in a couple of different transactions, I called my company & asked them if they were making these numerous debits. They stated no, which prompted me to call Capital Direct. After much back & forth, & 3 letters, the trial account with Capital Direct was finally cancelled, & I was told that the $250.00 would be credited to my account in approximately 48 hours. When I received nothing after 48 hours, I contacted Isaac (& Elena-another cust serv “rep”), I was told that they were waiting for the OK from Kelly Cusate. After several more days & still nothing, I called again & spoke to Elena, who was less than friendly during the final call. She kept me on hold as she checked notes on the account. She then told me that Kelly was not OK-ing the deposit to be made. I was livid. No sorry from her. Nothing. I mentioned this to her, to which she replied “I’m just the messenger”. Inititally, she was very helpful-but not this time-not even simple manners. she told me that I could call Kelly’s cell phone & speak to her. I then made the call to Kelly, left a message, which she promptly returned. She went on to tell me that she would NEVER tell her customers to call in to cancel, & why would she say that? She also basically called me a liar, stating that they never had a record of the call, and DID I HAVE A RECORD OF IT? Really? How would I have a record of a phone call that I made?? Furthermore, how would I know Isaac’s name if I never called in to cancel. she told me that she always tells her accounts to call her to cancelo-call her on her cell phone. i told her that she told me to call customer service, the 888 number on her business card, & that I had written it on her business card. Why would I just randomly write that??? i told her that it was wrong for me to trust her & her co-worker Alex (who stopped by once at around noon reeking of alcohol), & that people like her that take $ from mom & pop shops, knowing its wrong, are the people that give the merchant service reps a bad name. She said “sorry you feel that way” & hung up on me. .

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