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Published: 17 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Purchased a 05 VW Jetta transmission was slipping, they did not fix it before I took it home, warranty did not cover it because it was slipping prior to purchase. Had the car at VW dealership, Hyundai fought not to pay for the repair instead of letting VW fix it they finally took it to Hyundai to fix it themselves and it took weeks… going back they wanted VW to put and old transmission in it w/o warranty, VW refused so they had it towed to their shop. I called Hyundai cooperate again to complain, well it took a while for them to find a transmission w/ a warranty that suited them. Mind you I have yet to make my first payment. 45 days later making my first payment still not driving my car they finally agreed to pay for me a rental car, which they refused in the beginning. The promised to reimburse for rental rental I drove previously but never did. Finally got a call stating my transmission was in but a bolt/screw fell out my break system, not understanding how that happen, they guy explained that this bolt was located near the transmission, but they needed to order it so it should be ready in a day or two. Got my car, no paperwork was giving to me, I turned around because I realized that also told them that my car seem to be driving rough and ask why, know one had and answer for me. I stated again it was not like this even when the transmission was slipping, the said I do know, I don’t work on the cars. I called the GM and left him a message on his cell and ofc phone saying the same thing and I did not get a return call. Approx 3 weeks the car started whistling and isling up…took it to the VW service center and found that the break vacuum booster was damaged, also in a diagram it clearly stated that the bolts to this piece should not be removed..umm Hyundai are now stating they have know knowledge of a bolt being replaced only the transmission, and the guy that I spoke with at Hyundai is now terminated!!! Yet their is another guy there that do remember this… although he may want to keep his job to and forget about that bolt. The used sales manager was very upset with me during this time and told he beet red face and all that i have a $4500 car that they now have to spend approx $3500 on another transmission plus a rental car and reimbursement… all because I told the warranty company the TRUTH.

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