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Published: 12 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I had 2 guys show up at my door unexpectedly. They had some meats on their truck that apparently 1 of my neighbors canceled and they needed to “get rid of” and needed my help. I was kind enough to let them in and listen to what they had to say. First, they tried to sell me 14 cases of meat for just under $3,000 but after explaining to them that I just don’t have that kind of money sitting around on a whim there were deals given and declined back and forth and we finally settled on a “buy 3 steak cases and get 2 chicken cases & 1 seafood case free”. While they were bringing them in, searching for space in my freezers; I was writing my check and looking in their brochure because I had not seen their products before. I realized that they meats are not labeled so I asked that the boxes be left so I could refer back to what I received, however, during all this chaos 1 of them remembered that they “forgot” to tell me about the pork they had to offer so they were talking me into purchasing that case as well. So, I fell for that one too. While writing a 2nd check for them I was not paying attention to what was being brought in and unloaded and the boxes disappeared. I had to go back out and ask them to bring me at least 1 box of each product back in to me so that I had them. They forgot they were supposed to leave them and brought 1 of each back. Unfortunately, my husband got home late that night so I didn’t get a chance to show him what we got. The next day my family threw a surprise 25th Anniversary party for us so we were busy all day that day. The following day, which would be 3 days (not 3 business days) later; I was showing my husband what we received and I realized that we were shorted a case of steaks. I immediately called the superivsor of the delivery that day and he said he would follow up with me on Tuesday (2 days later which would take me past the 3 business days to cancel the order if I wanted to which that isn’t what I was intending to do) but he knows that I received everything I paid for. I hadn’t heard from him so I called him. We scheduled an appt for 12-2. He called back. Couldn’t make that appt. Office was too busy to leave. Made an appt for the following day (Wed) for 3pm but he would call at 9:30am to confirm. Hadn’t heard anything by 1:20 so I called him, wasn’t going to be able to make that appt. because he said we had schedule for Thursday at 1pm. So I said ok, we’ll do Thursday at 1pm. At this point I was just frustrated and called customer service. Dawn was wonderful! She got the complaint ticket written up. However, I didn’t hear anything back from them until the next day (Thursday) from Jim, the supervisor who left me a message saying that he got word I called customer service and I received the meats but I would hear from Nick (the salesman/driver) and he would be up today to count the pieces to show me I got what I paid for. Then Nick called. He was in another state for the next 2 days and couldn’t come until Monday…this is Thursday. In the meantime…my freezers are packed full. I can’t share the meat, use the meat because I am waiting for them to come and count it to prove I didn’t get what I paid for. I told Nick I wanted someone from his office at my house today so that I can use the product that I paid $1300+ to eat and use and he said he’d have someone here between 1 & 2pm. At 2:45 I called customer service because once again, I had not heard or seen anyone and yet another day I had wasted sitting here waiting on them. Dawn advised she would contact Bobby the Manager of that office and have him get in contact with me. Boy was that a mistake! He was the most unprofessional, disrespectful customer service person I had ever spoken to. He told me I signed for my order stating I received it. That I could not cancel my order because MD state law gives me 3 business days to put in writing to the corporate office in a certified letter that I wanted to do so. I had no intentions to cancel the order, I just wanted them to make it right but after all this frustration I am very seriously considering canceling the order and using any means necessary to do so. I will not be threatened. Bobby claimed our phone call was recorded however he did not warn me of that in the beginning of our conversation (as required by law) but I think it’s wonderful if it was because his upper management needs to hear how he handles his customers! I am currently waiting to hear back from the corporate office now to see how they are going to handle this situation. I understand people make mistakes. It’s how you handle those mistakes that make you the person/company who you really are. So we will see. As of right now…the BBB is the next on my list to contact.

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