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Capital One

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Published: 31 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Yesterday I received an e-mail about a plan approval I had received from this company called capital one fast cash. I had then proceeded to call them to find out the details for me to collect this loan of $5000 which I had been approved for. I was informed that die to my low credit score I would be required to purchase a Myvanilla prepaid debit card and deposit an amount of $80 to cover the transaction fee. After I did so I was told that I would receive the $5000 by 8:30 the next morning. Luckily my wife who had been with me the whole time said that we should look up this company. Which we did and found out there were numerous scam reports written about this so called loan company. They even had the audacity to contact me the next day when I was to receive the $5000 to get me to purchase another card and deposit $320 to complete the loan process. I told them I wanted to cancel my loan and be refunded my $80 and they hung up on me and told me that I’m making a big deal over $80 and I can’t buy much with $80 anyway. Beware of this elicit scam

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I bought the recovery software. It didn’t recover any file. Zero files recover. They say on the website money back grandee but they refuse

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