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Unregistered Broker with Fake Team and Limited Services

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Published: 09 May 2020

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Capitaria is into Forex, CFDs and cryptocurrencies trading. There are two different companies associated with Capitaria. One is KT Financial Group and second is Social Fintech Limited.

Forged Team

There is a fake list of the team which is claimed to be behind the Capitaria functioning. Capitaria review brings you the detailed analysis of the fake list of the team of the company.

The images of the so-called name of the team of the company are found to be the random images gathered from Google. These are not associated with any of the genuine professional accounts of the persons. The fake team aims to be in the good list of the traders to earn their trust in the very first sight. It is the very first sign of the bundling going on in the company.

Addresses of the Company

Capitaria has mentioned four different addresses in its website. These are from the British Virgin Islands, Chile, San Isidro, and Uruguay.

The company claims to be based out of Omar Hodge Building, Wickhams Cay 1, Road Town, Tortola, the British Virgin Islands. Capitaria is not regulated by the British Virgin Islands Financial Service Commission. The BVIFSC is the authorized independent body that is responsible for the supervision and inspection of all of the financial service providers in the region of the British Virgin Islands. It can be checked at the link

The second address is of Isidora Goyenechea 3000, Floor 29, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile. Capitaria is not registered with the Commission for the Chilean Financial Market. The CMF is the regulatory body responsible for the supervision of the financial markets of Chile. It can be checked at the link

Capitaria is not registered to operate in Chile. There is no compensation to the traders by the regional CMF and it has no audit reports supporting the legal operations of the company.

The third address of the company is Victor Andres Belaunde 147 Torre Real 2, San Isidro. It is an address based out of Peru. The Superintendencia de Banca, Seguros Y AFP is the financial regulating body of the Republic of Peru. Capitaria is not registered with the Peruvian SBS. It can be verified at

The fourth address provided by the company is Avenida Dr. Luis Alberto de Herrera 1248 Montevideo Uruguay. The Central Bank of Uruguay is responsible for the authorization of the financial institutions in the region. The Banco Central Del Uruguay has no details about the registration of Capitaria. The regulatory watchdog has released a warning in its official Spanish language about the unregulated operations of the company. It can be checked at

My Capitaria review has mentioned that Capitaria is not registered at any of the addresses mentioned in their website. Their addresses in British Virgin Islands, Chile, Uruguay and Peru are all fake, written deliberately to confuse the traders about the global presence of the company. It is the best example of the fact that the company does not have any regulation of operations in any of the above-mentioned regions. However, the company has stressed over the Chilean address and laws and regulations of Chile.

False Duration of Operation

Capitaria claims to be in operation for the last 14 years. But the domain of the company is registered in the year 2015 only.

There is no strong evidence of the 14-year old operations of the company. It is another lie of the company to gain the trust of the traders.

Bygone authorization by FCA

The UK’s Financial and Conduct Authority (FCA) has stated on its website that the company does not have an active license to operate in the region of the UK. It can be verified at the link

False Claims of Association

Capitaria has falsely mentioned its association with Innovate Finance

The fake membership of Capitaria with Innovate Finance is busted as there are no details of Capitaria over at the website of the other. It can be checked at the link

Trading Services and Trading Platform

Capitaria has not mentioned the details about the spreads. Ideally, there must be spreads starting from 0 pips for the ideal EUR/USD pair. But there are no details about the spread associated with the live trading accounts.

MetaTrader 4 or MT4 is the trusted platform and Capitaria has used it too. The trading charts are reliable, assurance of algorithmic training and helpful automated trading signals of the MT4. There is no provision of social trading for investors.

Too Expensive Trading Accounts

The demo account provided by Capitaria has high spreads as on the actual trading platform. To meet the expectations, it is made to work according to the profit expectations of the trader but the conditions change in the actual volatile trading market.

There are two types of live trading accounts provided by the company.

  1. Start Account: It invites a huge amount of $400 as a minimum initial investment. It is 8 times higher than the standard minimum account set by regulated brokers. There are no details provided about the spreads and the leverage ratios.

2. Pro Account: The pro account of the company invites a minimum initial investment of $7,500. It is a very high amount to consider as a minimum initial investment. There are no details about the spreads and the leverage ratio associated with this account as well.

There are only 2 live trading accounts and they too charge abnormally high as compared to regulated competitor’s accounts. The leverages must be competitive enough to provide a fair chance of profit-making to the traders. The spreads must start from as low as 0 pips for the popular EUR/USD pair. Capitaria adds to the gripe of the traders as the high charging live accounts of the company have no trading conditions specified. The traders have to invest huge amounts of money and only after that they get to know the exact conditions of the broker.

Deposit and Withdrawal Conditions

The company does not provide any details about the modes of funds transfer. The absence of Skrill as a payment partner to Capitaria is a serious concern. Skrill has adopted an “Anti-Scam” policy under which it does not provide any services to shady unregulated brokers.

Capitaria fails to provide any details about the fee and the conditions associated with the deposit and withdrawal of funds. There are no details about the response time in deposit and withdrawal processes. There is no clarity over the maintenance fee, dormant fee, withdrawal fee, and deposit fee. There is no mention of the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts. Thus, this is a strong indicator of the neglected transparency in their operations.

Website and Social Media Presence

The website of Capitaria is

Capitaria has failed to provide informative details to the visitors of the website. There are no details about the basic trading conditions. Legal terms and conditions of the company are absent which are the prime facia of the oblique operations of the company.

The second major problem is the language of the information which is set to Spanish with no option to change it into other languages. This limitation of the information in the Spanish language does not comply with the universal approach of the company.

The Facebook and Twitter accounts of the company are full of promotional offers. Capitaria has failed to understand the value of social media in brand building among the prospective traders. The information on social media accounts is below average in quality.

Weak Customer Support

My Capitaria review has already established the offshore unregulated operations of the company. The company is not registered in any of the regions. There is no provision of live chats by the company, there are no regional technical support teams, and there is no provision of a Skype number. The option of chat on the website is only available in the Spanish language.

A strong technical team gives an assurance to the traders about the reliable and quality help. Capitaria disappoints its traders by offering no technical support to them.


Capitaria cannot be given more than 0.5 on 5 point rating scale for the broker services. It is an offshore unregulated company with multiple addresses and a fake team of experts. These qualities are hints of the malpractices going on in the company. There are only two live trading accounts with unspecified terms and conditions. It is not advised to deal with Capitaria.

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