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Published: 05 March 2020

Posted by: DEAN meintjes

[protected] legal, namely Phiuu Heww who is not service centered MY Acc [protected] SARS issued an AA88 on Capitec to attach all funds in all my accounts which they are to day and pay over to SARS. I cannot reach the person who issues AA88 and CT SARS gave me an incorrect email to initiate contact. Capitec said they have no document and that was Client Care but SARS say they have to have the instruction. Its a pity no one at Capitec understands what the legal process is … THAT IF CAPITEC TAKE MY MONEY AND PAY IT TO SOMEONE THEN SURELY THEY MUST HAVE AN ORDER/DOCUMENT OR THE AA88. All other CALL CENTRES +[protected](Client Care) and +[protected](Client Care) appeared to understand after a while and THANKS ladies (four of them). So the Tax Administration Act empowers the Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service (SARS) to appoint a third party to withhold and pay over to SARS any amounts due by a taxpayer in terms of the relevant tax Act. Such a third party may be an is in this instance CAPITEC… Everyone says legal and after been told and sent back to every other call centre by legal I have every department saying CCS / Legal. So after been cut off and had a phone dropped on me I am on my call and hours late and we ARRIVE A SECOND TIME AT a dear fellow called PHIOU HEWU… AND HE JUST says no i must call client care and not them. He used words it not their MANDATE… AND THE OPTIONS DO NOT HAVE SARS and he reads me the call center option 1 to 8… repeatedly. I explain that logic prevails that it could / would fall within legals and I get from this matter of fact / not logical but talks computer and gives me repeated answers that there is no mandate from SARS and no option fore SARS. I explain PLEASE to escalate and i am blocked with so many questions to my questions that he has not decency to first answer me then justify or redirect if he thinks he should. But telling me NO they not taking the matter or lodging it or taking ownership for me and I must just call Client Centre. So for an hour I am tossed between other call centers and LEGAL. I felt LEGAL should hold the query as it relates to THIRD PARTY matters… BUT maybe its not MANDATED he would say. So I say I wish to escalate and he blocks me … I say give me a manager no and he give Brenden Sinclair and when I ask a direct no he says I am not calling him as he has replied to me and that is it… No Mandate at legal to deal with SARS, he says again.. and he cannot assist me. Thus, who would or has the mandate. Someone needed to stand up and champion my cause and say let me escalate and try and find out where that document is… THAT DOC HAS THE LADY NAME AND NUMBER AT SARS THAT NEEDS TO FIX THIS AND IT ONLY CAPITEC WHO HAS THIS AS A BEST WAY TO RETRIEVE AND ANYWAY CAPITEC HAVE TO PROVIDE SAME TO ME OR HAVE THEY JUST REMOVED MY MONEY AND SAY ITS SARS… YES NOT SO BUT CAN I PLAY THE BLAME AND BLUFF THAT SOME STAFF TOOK MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT AND THEY NOTE SARS ON MY ACCOUNT. BUT CAPITEC STILL TOOK MONEY UNAUTHORIZED AS I CANNOT GET THE INFO OVER THE PAST THREE DAYS. So as I did this I realized serve notice on the BOARD that funds were taken. BUT i DECIDE LODGE and get a reference no.. Then I arrive at a SMART lad called Lenkoe Gafene who managers to loge a query REF [protected] and looks up the incident no on my account and finds a name that transacted the transaction and she is RAZANN E NEETHLING but no AA88 is attached so why not RAZANN. She is to be mailed as urgent my request and make contact to provide AA88 so lets hope she is not have a long breakfast.. NO ONE ELSE could look at this or see it or try and unpack it. Someone looked out the box and assisted. Good for him. But I am lodging a formal complaint into this process and unsupported deductions from my acc and the attitude and refusal to attempt at assisting me, refusing to give me a managers contact, refusing to escalate, refusing to trying to take it further, refusing to listen and instead badger/harass me with questions on my questions. Then say if I have a problem lodge it at COMPLAINTS. No empathy …hey .. Any idea no money for food, car payments, petrol, DO (so my account suffers and credit score. So let us see IF CAPITEC REACTS as I am going to Somerset HQ on Tuesday Dean MEINTJES

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