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Capitol Expressway Ford

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Published: 21 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

WARNING: DO NOT PURCHASE AN EXTENDED WARRANTY WITH FORD! They will NOT honor it… My dad, a loyal Ford customer who has been dealing with Ford (though not this particular dealership) for over two decades, was recently screwed over by THIS dealership. In mid-October 2008, he brought the truck in to repair a fuel leak… the next day, he went to pick up the truck. He then checked under the hood, and it was easy to see that the leak had not been repaired as it was still leaking in the same place my dad had shown the service advisor when he first dropped it off. Oddly enough, the invoice stated “Replaced the fuel filter housing assy- Recheck no more leaks.” The part cost $42.47, and he was charged $337.50 for labor and a $100 deductible, paying a total of $483.47. All of this should have been covered under the expensive warranty that my dad was pushed into purchasing, but they BLATANTLY lied and said that it was not covered. Meanwhile, he had to leave his truck (which he NEEDS in order to work) for EXTRA work, including replacing the fuel regulator b/c of the leak. They obviously misdiagnosed in the first place, or did not in fact even do the work at all, as it was STILL leaking when he picked it up. In ADDITION to this BS, when he picked up his truck, there was a HUGE dent in the running boards covered in a thick coat of blue paint. Ford claimed over and over again that the dent was there before and that the dent did not happen at the facility. Another obvious lie as everywhere in plain sight there were walls, posts, etc. painted the IDENTICAL shade of blue that was embedded in the dent. After much argument, they agreed to replace the running board at no cost. Again, it’s obvious that they knew they had no weight to their argument, or they never would have given up in the first place. ANYWAY, my dad ended up calling a DIFFERENT Ford store to check on the details of the warranty. The person he spoke to assured him that there was NO DOUBT that the initial fuel leak work WAS SUPPOSED to be covered by the warranty. He actually LOOKED UP the parts, LOOKED up the information on my dad’s warranty, and CONFIRMED that Capitol Expressway Ford were a bunch of LIARS. Despite being CONFRONTED with this information… information that PROVES that they lied in the first place, they REFUSED to refund my dad ANY of his money, claiming that “there was no point in discussing it as it would just end up in a big argument and they were not going to cover any of the repair costs for the fuel leak.” My dad has now had to file complaints with ESP Ford and with Ford Customer Relationship Services in Detroit… and he is being reimbursed by the company, but there are NO consequences for the LIARS at Capitol Expressway Ford. From what we’ve heard, Capitol Expressway Ford and the unethical liars who work there have been screwing people over for YEARS. How are these people still in business? How have they not been closed down? How can they take advantage of innocent people, their loyal customers, in this time of economic crisis when everyone needs every last penny they can save?? IF YOU DO BUSINESS WITH CAPITOL FORD, BEWARE! THEY WILL TRY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU, THEY WILL NOT HONOR THEIR AGREEMENTS, AND THEY WILL BLATANTLY LIE TO YOU WITH NO COMPUNCTION WHATSOEVER! CHECK YOUR WARRANTY… OR BETTER YET, SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE AND TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE. Amber San Jose, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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