Capitol First, & Hartford Auto Club

Capitol First, & Hartford Auto Club

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Published: 05 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This company, Capitol First, presented themselves to me as a Credit Card Company, and I was to recieve my “credit card” within 2 weeks. I needed the money and did not want to borrow it from friends or family, therefore; desperately needing the money and thinking of a cash advance for quick money….(never again will I do this)…I was interested because they appeared to make it so easy for me. They quoted “A one time fee for 29.95” and I will have my credit card in 2 weeks. Instead I got some garbage, oh it looked professional and all but it was not a credit card, in fact I dont know what in the hell it was. I called them up and asked them when was the credit card coming and what is all this stuff they sent me. They gave me an unaccepable answer and I’d be lying if I told you what they told me but I can say it was not what they first said it was. I told them, “Take me off of whatever this is, it is not what the lady told me, and I am no longer interested” They clarified to me that I could not get my $29.95. I did not argue, I just wanted off their list. Next thing I know, they drafted money out of my account. 2 debit amounts on the same day. One was for 59.95 and the other one was for 99.95. They placed it as a phone check on my statement it looked like the following: PHONECHECK CFB 866-892-6018, etc. I will not place these other #’s stated because I dont know exactly what they are and this lesson has made me more than carefull, but this information in this paragraph basically means, Capitol First Bank and that is their phone number. These amount were unauthorized by me, I had no warning and no knowledge. When I called the number to ask why they did this, they said I authorized it. I told them “proove it, they are wrong, I cancelled what ever they claimed they were and ate the 29.95, but these other 2 amounts are very much unauthorized” I told them “they were a sham, and that they would be hearing from my attorney” My daddy then called them. They told him that they would not give him any information without his SS#. He ofcourse hung up on them. Then I had to makse stop payments on this sham and that cost me $46. Then approxamently one month follows on 8-8-02. They took out another amount …Again, an unauthorized amount of $99.00. They were better at hiding their Capitol First Name, but yet not good enough. This name was under Heartford Auto Club. I still dont know what Heartford Auto Club is and how it even happened but I have proof on tape that they are affiliated with Capitol First. Again, I had to fork up anther $23.00 for another Stop Payment. This Sham in one month alone has cost me $69.00 in stop paymentsg. I am going to the Bank tomorrow, and I want to know more about this and why, their addresses, etc….and how can this happen to honest people. Its not fair that I am spending money to prevent crooks that keep attacking my account, and on top of that I have to go through the agrivating time and energy to change my account #. These people need to be caught and live the rest of their life in jail. This is plain evil. It has also caused stress in my family life. Words cannot describe how irritating this is. Its is so unfair, and its so sad that people so aufull exist. It has taught me to not trust. I come from a small country town, and realize that I have been sheltered, and there is a crude world out there. I have learned it is easy easy easy to have your own money and more taken away by horrible people and they are hard to catch, but I am willing to do whatever I can to get these crooks in jail, the problem there is: I dont have the money to get an attorny, but if I did and if I ever do. They will be sorry as hell that they called my house. People want money for many of reason. Right now the only reason I desire money is so I can spend it on catching every evil scam out there. They are the dirt of the earth. Jill New Roads, Louisiana Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Hartford Auto Club Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Capital First ‘>CLICK HERE to read about Credit Card Scams… find out how to get your money back. Consumer makes harsh but accurate statements. *Ripoff Scams Investigation follow-up provides valuable information.

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