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Published: 13 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Capognas dugout reviews, FOOD POISONING! Within 3 hours of partying @ capognas (and I wasn’t drinking alcohol!) Stephani DeMaio capogna is the RUDEST & MOST ARROGANT owner of capognas dugout I ate their GARBAGE PIZZA & UNDERCOOKED WINGS which I knew didn’t taste right when we were served them. But, the waitress “MO” began an argument with me about how my taste buds were what was wrong! Later I did find out that they always use ALL IMITATION & CHEAP INGREDIENTS and have been known to serve undercooked and dirty sloppy foods.. First, the staff was extremely rude. I was in the bathroom for over 5 minutes as the staff kept knocking at the door telling me there was a line out the door. BIG LIE! Then my girlfriend came into the bathroom who also was nauseated and had an extremely bad headache. When I told them I was throwing up and had food poisoning from their food and for being there for over 3 hours with my friends I could hear them laugh outside the door. I wasn’t even drinking alcohol. So, here comes Stephani DeMaio capogna one of the owners shouting to me to get out of the restroom or they were going to call the police. Guess what? They called the police. I let a female officer in the bathroom and she began helping me to clean up the VOMIT off the floor and my dress. She was astounded as to the way that I was treated! When we went out the police officer told Al capogna and Stephani DeMaio capogna that I should contact the Department of Health and make a complaint. The police left and as my 6 business friends and I were getting ready to leave. Stephani DeMaio capogna came over and told me “DO NOT COME TO OUR RESTAURANT AGAIN OR YOU WILL BE ARRESTED FOR TRESPASSING”. My friends told her “NOT TO WORRY WE WILL ALSO LET PEOPLE KNOW HOW DIRTY YOUR FOOD IS AND HOW BADLY YOU TREAT YOUR PATRON’S”. Stephani DeMaio capogna, Al Capogna, Mike Capogna, MO and Kristy Sagy just sat at the bar waiting for us to leave with such smug faces! VERY VERY VERY BAD EXPERIENCE and will NEVER GO THERE AGAIN!

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