Capricorns Lair Michael Burton

Capricorns Lair Michael Burton

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Published: 09 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I ordered over $100.00 of merchandise from It stated on the website that some items that needed to be produced could take up to two months to be shipped. I only ordered in stock and clearance items. After two and a half months I began to try and get in touch with them. It soon became apparent that it would be a difficult task. I attempted to call. No answer. I emailed 37 times over a month. I finally received a reply from Michael Burton who told me he had been ill and would send me a refund the next day, Apparently he owns runs and is the only employee of the company since the entire organization stops when he is ill. Two weeks later I still had not recieved my refund, so I began to email him every day for another week until he emailed me back and said he sent my package. That was almost five weeks ago. No package no refund and now his number no longer exsits, and their website no longer exsits. I places my order on October 17, 2013. Today is February 12, 2014. I paid with PayPal who told me they could not help and I should continue to try to contact the seller. Beware of this company it looks like he is opening another website.

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