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Published: 05 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

The service engine soon light came on in my 1997 GMC Jimmy. I had it taken into Caps Transmission hoping that if the transmission fluid was changed that would fix the problem. The transmission fluid was changed, it did not fix the original problem that caused the service engine light to come on. Talking to the owner Naresh Sharma he said that test had to be run. The test was run and the diagnosis was to change 2 gear swithches. That was done and the problem still existed. Then the owner suggested a number of different trail and error test that would all have individual cost. I opted to take my vehicle to my regular mechanic. I take my vehicle home and realize that the transmission fluid is leaking. THERE WAS NO LEAK BEFORE THE FLUID WAS CHANGED. Two days later I take it back to Caps, it is on a rainy day and the owner makes a comment that not too much can be done because of the rain. ( I ask myself what does the rain have to do with it?) The owner tells me that it is the filler tube that is leaking. They change the filler tube, I go home and the vehicle continues to leak transmission fluid. I take it back to Caps, this time the owner tells me that the bolts on the pan are too tight. I ask if this will fix the problem he assures me yes it will. I take the vehicle home and it continues to leak. For a third time I take my vehicle back and the owner tells me that the bolts on the pan need oil. This did not make sense to me and having taken it back 3 times for them to correct the problem they caused I took it to my mechanic Michael at Carroll’s Electric for the original problem I ask Michael to see if he can find where the leak is coming from while he has my vehicle up on the rack. Michael informed me when the technician changed the transmission fluid he put TOO MUCH FLUID IN THE TRANSMISSION which caused the front seal to be forced out when the pressure would build up from the engine when the vehicle was running causing the leak. Michael also said that the technician knew exactly where the leak was coming from and was probably hoping that I would get tried of bring the vehicle back. Because to repair this leak required the transmission to be removed from the vehicle which is time consuming and costly. At this point tI had had just about enough of CAPs TRANSMISSION. The workers did shoddy work and the owner tried to run up and expensive repair bill, and to add insult to injury caused a much bigger problem. Gwendolyn Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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