CAPT David Letourneau

CAPT David Letourneau

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Published: 01 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Short, stumpy, overweight David Letourneau was involuntarily demoted and removed from his position as the district Commander of fountain Hills, Arizona. Dave Letourneau served as commander for less than three years and received what has been described as “an unusual number of professional complaints.u201d Many of the complaints were from citizens, but there were also numerous complaints from his fellow Maricopa County Sherriffu2019s office colleagues. The details of David Letourneauu2019s complaints are not made public, but are part of his permeant Human Resources file which are sealed and were not made available as a public records request. It is possible to understand what the complaints may be about based on the behavior of the Maricopa County Sherriffu2019s office in the very recent past. Specifically, a glimmer into the window of David Letourneauu2019s mind can be seen in the following video. The video shows two sides of a peaceful protest in Phoenix, Arizona, with the Sherriffu2019s office standing by to keep an eye on the goings on. As shown at the one min mark in this video, David Letourneau clearly takes sides and asks one of the sides of the protesters, obeying local laws, to leave, because one protester harmlessly kicked a tin can that was on the ground. David Letourneau witnessed this and mysteriously becomes infuriated and states “ need to be outta hereu201du2026.”leave or you will be arrestedu201d One of the protesters asks “what would be the charge?u201d CAPT David Letourneau replies “whatever we can think of.u201d A fine example this (EX) district commander sets for his deputies! No wonder he was FIRED from his post!! Luckily, this abuse of authority was caught on camera, but so many of the other abuses against him were not. When a reporter asked why he was removed, they were told that the demotion of Dave Letourneau was a “normal rotation.u201d And that he was being switched to narcotics in a non-commander role. In other words, a “normal rotationu201d at the MCSO is where you go from being a District Commander to being a non-commander non-supervisor foot solider in nartotics is “routineu201d at the MCSO. There is sugar-coating and then there is LYING.

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