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Published: 23 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I had to travel to Rome Georgia for a doctors appointment(I live 50 miles north of Rome). After my appointment, I decided to do some shopping on the West side of town. After completeing my shopping, I returned to my vehicle. I started my truck and immediately noticed the “check gauges” light came on. I looked at my gauges and found the temp indicator was climbing to 260 degrees. I shut off the ignition and pulled the hood latch. After opening the hood I inspected the radiator hose to the thermostat; it was warm but not hot. I inspected the radiator itself to find it also warm but not hot. Thinking it to be only a sticky thermostat, I restarted my truck and tapped on the thermostat housing; nothing changed. I looked around in desperation and noticed a service facility across the road(Captain Tire & Auto Repair). I walked to the facility because I didn’t want to possibly overheat my engine and cause damage. I explained to the young man who came to the front of the shop what was going on. He agreed it sounded as if it were a sticky thermostat. I asked if they had time to take a look at my vehicle and also if it would harm the engine to drive it from across the street. He said yes they had time to check my truck out and no it wouldn’t hurt to drive that short distance. So I walked back across the street and started my truck across the street(the heat gauge was still at 260). The young man had me to open the hood for him to take a look. At this time another guy comes pulling into the parking lot. The young man assisting me went to him to explain what was happening with my vehicle. They both approach my truck and I explain to the new guy what had happened. The new guy says that sometimes GMC’s do strange things when the alternater goes out. They check the voltage and tell me the alternater is shot and the truck is running strictly on the battery. I laugh and say I need to call Sears because I have a 9 year old Sears DieHard battery in my truck. But if that’s all it needs what’s the cost and when can they get to it. By this time I am shivering because we have been standing outside in the cold(about 40 degrees)so I go inside to stand in front of their heater. I watch as yet a third man comes out to work on my truck. As I watch, he has his back to me, he replaces the alternater. He then comes back inside and gets the second guy, who I assume is the shop manager. When they return to my truck, the third guy picks up a wire and shows it to the second guy (shop manager?) The second guy comes back into the shop and I ask what the problem is. He says when the alternater shorted, it blew the fusable link. He picked up a box containing a tool of some sort and returned outside to my truck. He retreived the tool from the box and hooked one part to what looked like the hot post of the battery. He went around and sat in my truck. When he came back inside he informed me that when the alternater shorted it jumped the fusable link and got the computer on my truck. He said that was why the computer wouldn’t talk to his relay. After replacing the alternater, the computer and the relay sending unit on the truck, my husband was told by the shop manager (second person to look at the truck) the truck was fixed and ready for pick up the next day. My husband and I drove his truck to pick up mine. Upon reaching the shop, my husband and I walked around the vehicle admiring the new tires we also had them to put on the truck. When we reached the rearend of the truck my husband asked what happened to the trim that was gone from my bumper. I looked and stated it was there yesterday. The shop manager said he didn’t remeber seeing it on the truck. My husband insisted as he had pulled in behind me the day before and the trim was still intact. The shop manger said he would look to see if perhaps it had gotten knocked off the vehicle. He returned minutes later with the trim in hand stating it had indeed gotten knocked off. Myself and my husband were doubtful to this as the shop manager had to snap the trim back into place. After the shop manager replaced the trim on the truck my husband went inside to pay for the repairs. I started the truck and watched to see if the gauges were okay. Everything seemed to be okay. My husband and I left the shop and proceeded home. After arriving home I explained to my husband the heat hand was still “dancing” a little but perhaps the new computer had to adjust. I later went back out to the truck and restarted the engine. The heat hand immediately went to 260 same as before. It was 9:00pm and the next day was Sunday, no one would be available until Monday. After contacting GMC directly, I was referred to a reputtable GMC repair shop. These men at Captain Tire and Auto Repair took advantage of me being a female with automoble problems. Linda menlo, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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