Car Care Center - Dean Alyousef

Car Care Center - Dean Alyousef

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Published: 14 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On April 25th I took my vehicle to Car Care Center for a clutch repair on the advice of the tow truck driver who picked me up. Being from out of town and having to be some 250 miles away on the 28th and then in Amarillo on the 29th, I was in a little bit of a bind. They said they could repair it the next day. At approximately 5:30 p.m. on April 26th, Dean Alyousef, the owner, told me I needed a new clutch slave cylinder. After I agreed to let him put in a new one, they continued working on my vehicle for approximately 45 minutes. Then, Dean came into the waiting area and told me that when my clutch went out it ruined my transmission and I was going to need a new one. He asked me what I wanted him to do and I told him I would have to think about it overnight. That night (and the next morning) I called around and got the opinions of several mechanics who said that his story was very unlikely and he was trying to rip me off. The next day (April 27th) Dean continued to insist that my transmission was ruined and was unwilling to double check the new clutch installation (by the way, most of the work was done by his newest mechanic). I payed him $689 by credit card (even though my vehicle wasn’t fixed)and had my vehicle towed to another repair shop. – I had to. The mechanic at the new repair shop found that the clutch slave cylinder was not new, nor was the pilot bearing for which Car Care Center had also charged me. He also found water in my transmission and suspects that Car Care Center put it there. So do I – after all, they should have seen it and they never brought it to my attention. When initially getting a price quote from Dean Alyousef at Car Care Center that I felt was rather high (almost $800), I told him the price quote I had gotten for the clutch set from a certain parts dealer I’ll call “Parts-R-Us”. He told me he would never put their parts in a vehicle because they weren’t any good. A day or two later, I asked him where he bought the clutch and he told me it came from Standard Auto Parts. In the end, the new mechanic determined that the clutch set Car Care Center had installed was defective. I found out that they actually purchased the clutch set at “Parts-R-Us”. The new mechanic put in a new clutch set on Monday, May 2nd and my transmission was never damaged at all. I drove it away that afternoon. The whole experience ended up costing me much more than what I had to pay Car Care Center since I had to rent a car to get me all the way to Amarillo and back. Of course, there were also additional motel expenses. When, filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (May 10, 2005) I called Car Care Center to ask Dean his last name. When I failed to understand him and asked him to repeat it, he asked who I was. Then he wouldn’t give his name again. I either lost signal on my cell phone or he hung up on me. I called back and he told me what I needed to do was just file a lawsuit and that I was harassing him. I told him it was only the second time I called and that it was not harassment. I also told him I just needed a last name for filing my complaint with the Better Business Bureau and he told me not to call back. He hung up without giving me his last name. I found out through another website that his full name is Dean Alyousef. Once again, that’s Dean Alyousef. Shannon Royal, ArkansasU.S.A.

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