Car Cash of New York

Car Cash of New York

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Published: 23 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

My fiance and I sold our car to these scumbags 2 weeks ago knowing that we was getting less then it was worth, but that’s what we expected from this type of operation and its not the reason for my complaint. We were in a financial crisis due to a pay cut. We needed to downgrade to one car in a hurry. Well, these thieves took advantage of our situation and pretty much stole the car, leaving us responsible for the balance of the loan. We sold the car with 6 months left on the loan. It was very frustrating because it was so close to being paid off, but we decided we had no other choice. We came to a deal with their typical salesperson, Sid, after a bit of negotiating. Their offer was a few hundred more than the payoff amount the bank had quoted me the day before. Reluctantly, I accepted the deal, thinking at least it had positive equity. Plus we’d receive a check for the remaining balance right away. They held up to this end of the deal at least. I didn’t like the fact the at they had the nerve to charge a $75 payoff fee to pay the loan off. But I worked that in to my negotiations. Last week I came to find out that no payoff had been made, and my loan was now past due. The original payoff amount I was quoted has since expired. I attempted to contact Car Cash through email and phone. I’ve left several voicemails in the past week without a single call-back. When I got through to a salesperson, I asked to speak to a manager and was transferred but of course no one would answer. I was willing to give them the benefit of doubt at first, but I’m now convinced that they won’t talk to me because they have NO intention to pay off the loan, even though they are contractually obligated to. I contact the bank and made them aware of the whole situation. I was transferred to their collections department. The rep told me they would make note of what was going on; however, I’m still responsible for payment until a payoff is made. She advised me to pay the past due payment to avoid late fees. Unfortunately, I don’t even have the means right now to make that payment. She also stated that no one has contacted them about any payoff except for me. I’m really not sure what to do next, I used Car Cash because they advertise an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and they seemed to be legit without any major complaints on file. Now I’m beginning to wonder how high up this scam goes. I already attempted to file a complaint with BBB, but received an email that they are rejecting my complaint because it’s outside their scope? No wonder they have zero complaints on file. I’m beginning to seriously there’s some seriously shading business going on. I can only hope by posting this, the next person will be more careful than I was.

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