Car Castle Inc. Bellerose, NY

Car Castle Inc. Bellerose, NY

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Published: 20 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The Issues started the day after I picked up my car. I purchased 2006 Volkswagon Jetta. Even though TK seemed like a shady individual I thought I was getting a good deal on the car so I went against my instincts and bought it anyway. When signing the final paperwork I was given the key. I asked if there was a remote for the keyless entry. I was told No, thats the key that comes with the car. The day after I purchased the car I went to a VW dealership and found out that the key I was given was a Valet key. I couldnt operate the Trunk, Glove Box, Center console or Rear fold down seats with it. I was told by VW it would cost $200 to have a key made. I called Car Castle and TK refused to have a Fully functioning key made for the car. Luckily the financing company hadnt mailed the check. The financing was done through the dealership, I contacted them and they also said they have had problems with them in the past so they held the payment until he agreed to have the key made. A little over a month later the car broke down pulling out of my driveway. Under lemon law, with time that had gone by, and the mileage on the car the repairs fell under the responsibility of the dealer. I called Car Castle to report that the car has broken down. After speaking to T.K. I am informed that they do not cover the tow and to have it towed to whomever I prefer and get an estimate to Car Castle Inc. After getting an estimate from a repair shop and having it faxed to Car Castle I am told by them to have the car towed to their local repair shop because they can get the work done cheaper. I told them I have paid for the initial tow, if they want to bring it to their repair shop they need to pay for the estimate they requested and another tow over to their local shop. They refused to pay for either, gave me a made up number which was less than half of the repair cost I was getting from my local shop and was told they will only pay that amount. So at this point I either pay… -$300 for initial tow, estimate, and second tow and they do a cheap $250 job on the car. or -Pay $600 to a local mechanic to do the job right and get a $250 check from Car Castle. After being led on , non-returned phone calls, cursed at for a few days over the phone. I decided to have the work done at the local shop, take what I could get from Car Castle and pursuit the rest in court. When I went to pick up the check for $250 from Car Castle I was told to sign a document that said I was satisfied. I didn’t want to sign it but they wouldn’t write me the check otherwise. There was a costumer present at the time. As soon as I put my name on the document and the customer walked out the door I was verbally attacked by the entire staff. They cursed and screamed at myself and my spouse and told me I was lucky they are paying me anything at all. I was so appalled by this I took the paper with my signature back and left without the check. I told them I will pursuit the full amount in court.

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