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Car Collections

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Published: 23 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

purchased car costing $4500 with $3500 cash, and two post-dated checks $500 each dated at 30-day intervals: nov 1 and dec 1. prior to agreeing to price, we had taken the car to our mechanic to evaluate the car and identify any issues – prioritizing them by safety concern. subsequently, needed repairs identified in this process became part of the negotiated contract and terms of sale. negotiated deal included repair of brakes including OEM shoes and rotors, replace/fix broken motor mounts (OEM) – this all stipulated on Bill of Sale and Buyer’s Guide (chich i the state of georgia is signed and becomes part of the transaction.) no post-dated check documentation or similar security interest terms or terms and conditions, were indicated os the BoS. fixing the car per the agreement required leaving it for a couple days. doing this resulted in numerous returns to dealership after being told fixes were accomplished per agreement. refusing acceptance of repairs being successfully fixed, repeated returns were made after being told over and over “ok, we’ll take a look, call me tomorrow.” the brakes were entirely unsafe each time we test-drove the car to evaluate the repair success. each time, we asked specifically if OEM parts were being used and told unequivocally, yes. finally after about 10 days, we were told the car was repaired satisfactorily, and we were being unreasonable (f**king idiots” specifically) and if we didn’t leave the property, we’d be physically harmed. we went straight to Saab dealership and had the repairs to the car made that were part of the binding agreement outlined in the BoS when purchasing the car. these repairs were also items documented by our mechanic as being safety concerns, and told to us by dealership they were legally bound to make sure the car is safe when driving off the lot. dealer informed us that brake rotors had actually been “turned” well beyond Saab’s safety guidelines, and that non-OEM brake pads were used. we were also informed that only one motor mount was replaced, and the replacement was in fact a used non-OEM part. these costs were $1200+. we paid the dealer repair fees by stopping payment on the checks we’d given the used car dealership, and using those funds in addition to even more private funds, to pay for the repairs. as you may have noticed, this process took app 10 days. we still hadn’t received our tag or title in the mail by now. our ability to communicate with the used dealership had obviously become impossible, we started to investigate with the Dept of Motor Veh. they informed us that a lien had been placed on the car appr 5 days after the dated BoS transaction. so, they placed the lien without informing us, without us signing proper paperwork and before we ever stopped payment on checks. this transaction took place over 18 months ago. we cannot get the owner or representative or the dealership on the phone, or to return or sign registered letters sent by attorney. as a matter of fact, we were harassed by more than one Repo company for months – they were illegally trying to repossess the car. finally we had our attorney send the Repo company a cease and desist order, and they stopped. when talking with DMV, i inquired as to the specific documentation required for someone to place a lien on a vehicle. i was told there were no requirements whatsoever. so, apparently no paperwork was produced to secure the lien illegally either. fast forward to last week. car totaled in wreck. offending party is expected to make a settlement offer, which will include their request for title. we can’t get the title because it has a falsely placed lien. if you googled this used car dealership, there are myriad 1 out of 5 star ratings as well as numerous reviews indicating this company as thieves, crooked, liars, tricksters etc etc. occasionally, you’ll find a 5 star review (oddly) written with poor english (dealership is owned and staffed by non-american nationalists) and the same style and identical content – leading me to believe someone is attempting online review damage control. i am simply stating this to suggest that there is a good possibility that my post in fact contains factual, or at the very least affirmations of similarly characteristic business practices by this ghetto dealership. in other words, their reputation for this sort of business practice is fairly predominant and considerably referenced across the internet. i could really use some input here, i am disabled and have no other car and no money to buy one. my wife was recently diagnosed with a major disease, requiring repeated trips to the doctor and now we have NO car. anyone have any ideas? thanks!

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