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Published: 18 October 2018

Posted by: Reviewer54854

Bought a car from them when their name used to be Falls Church Motors a couple of years ago. At the time i went there to look at the cars, there were a couple of picketers in front of the dealer with signs and pictures of a car they bought that broke down already in a short time they got the car. That should have been a big clue to stay away but i did not and end up buying a passat volkswagen. At the time i bought the car, emission inspection was needed. So after a few days of getting the car, i brought it to a gas station and was given a pink slip for failed emission. For 3 weeks the car was in and out from their shop. After the 3rd week of purchased i finally was able to drive the car with the a pass emission home. After 2 weeks of driving, engine blew up but since I got the extended warranty i called them up and talk with Chris from their shop informing him that the engine blew and needs to be replace or fix. I also arranged extending my monthly payment since its been really on the shop more than me driving it for the month… The car has been in and out from their shop from the first day i got it. Instead of them fixing the car, they repossess it justifying that i missed 1 payment and per contract will constitute repossession. I have no problem paying my monthly dues but who on their right mind will pay a car that is worth a junk car. The repossession has been a thorn on my back for my credit ever since and now i am in the process of suing the dealer and im trying to get as much collaborations as i can to show without any doubts their fraudulent practices and intentionally misleading buyers in selling cars that Is already considered ‘JUNK’ . Pls email me m1gs.[protected]

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