Car Dealers & Staffed Event Super Sales

Car Dealers & Staffed Event Super Sales

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Published: 09 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Every story we see on this website Ripoff regarding car dealers is actually taken one step further by an undercover investigative book recently puclished regarding a true behind the scenes tell-all about the various types of car dealer loan & bank fraud our investigators personally witnessed over the last 2 years. We have compiled an under cover investigative book on car dealer bank & loan fraud, as well as staffed event super sale fraud and car dealer employee compensation fraud. Our investigators embedded themselves within dealerships and staffed event super sale teams nationwide for the last 2 years, and the results are extremely d**ning to car dealers in every state.Not once did our investigators NOT see the types of fraud perpetrated on consumers on a daily basis, and even more astounding was the rampant employee compensation fraud car dealers perpetrated on their very own sales staff.The key mailer, or staffed event super sale industry in the ugliest of the car dealer frauds, since every aspect of its very existence is based on lies and deciept. This type of fraud also encompasses mail fraud for that car dealer who uses these staffed event companies.We tried going to the media with this in depth look behind the scenes of real car dealers acrosss the nation, but the media is too scared to touch the story since so much of their ad dollars monhtly come from car dealerships.Watch our video and review our book at www.CarLoanfraud.comThe stories we tell are absolutely truthful, and the fraud we uncovered is stunning.

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