Car Kit Inc.

Car Kit Inc.

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Published: 03 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

These guys advertise mainly on ebay motors replica/ kit Makes category user name 2003cash. The listings are designed to look like a for sale by owner car. After researching the phone number they contacted me on regarding the Murcy1 lamborghini replica/ kit car Yellow 1986 Replica/Kit Makes MERCY 1 Fiero VIN #:1G2PF3792GP267911 Well I was interested in purchasing I was told the vehicle needed nothing & was in great condition with some “minor scratches” the individual claimed it ran strong & cool with no work/ tweaking needed. They immediatley sent me a wire transfer and tried to get me to wire them $23,000 for the vehicle I declind wiring all the money before seeing the vehicle in person being as I live in Chicago & the vehicle was located in Albertville Alabama. To drive to see the vehicle was 12 hours away so I decided to fly. They insisted I put a deposit down on the vehicle I agreed to a $500 deposit to hold the vehicle in the event I purchased the vehicle. I then spent an additional $489 on airfare to alberville Alabama. Eager to purchase the vehicle I flew in they agreed to meet me at the airport with the vehicle. At first glance the vehicle looks okay from a distance when I got close I realized immediately I had been mislead on the condition of the vehicle “the paint did not have Minor Scratches” as indicated in his emails it had more cracks in the roof than any vehicle I had ever seen this vehicle needed an entire paint job it also needed heavy bondo work sanding basicly it needed a new body. I then looked inside the vehicle to realize there were holes in the roof that I Could See the sun light shining into the car! I walked around the vehicle to notice that there were parts of the car that had not even been painted. The windows were calked together with Black putty as well as the headlights. I decided to drive the vehicle even after the fact that I was seruisely pissed off that I had just flown 600 miles to be mislead. While driving the car I feared for my life as every little bump the tires rubbed against the body of the car. This thing was a death trap I had to pull over and get out of the vehicle after driving 2 blocks because i smelled something burning and felt heat radiating into the vehicle. I thought to myself this thing is on FIRE! The deal I had was for $23,500.00 wich I had brought with me and at one point I thought the guy who suppose to be named Dale who had drove the car to the airport to meet me was going to kidnap me I felt threatend as he took me to a remote area in a dark parking garage so insisted he took me back to the airport I acted interested still so that this hillbilly that was showing me the car didnt do anything to me so I asked to see the title. THE TITLE WAS A FAKE. I held it up to the light and noticed it was printed on some fake watermarking paper I know this because I was involved in the printing business and owned a company specializing in counterfitting. I jumped out an ran out of the car when he slowed down enough then I bought the first flight back to chicago for $589 there was a mexican guy who followed me into the airport who claimed he was just a worker at the airport trying to get me to buy the car saying crazy things to me like dont think about it just buy it. But I knew this is a big scam that car kit inc. is pulling. I arived back to chicago and called the owner of the vehicle Jackie Johnson who had me wire money to a kristopher Dobbs as a deposit if I bought the vehicle I asked him to refund my deposit he refused and said no. Basicly They stole $500 from me.

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