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Published: 12 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I took out a 1500$ loan August 2013. They changed my contract date to the next year. I’ve paid 3300$ towards this and they are asking for 3900$ more. Jan 2015 I tried paying off my loan with a bonus from work. Was denied. In Feb 2015 I asked to switch financial institutions as I was closing my account. Was told I could not and they continued hotting that account. I called march 2015 to state I’d be late. I got hung up on 3 times. I have phone records and recordings for all. No I did not pay April 2015 as I had already been looking into legal charges against this establishment. April 17 2015 a report was sent out for my car. April 20 2015 my car was repoed at 211 am by a local company. April 20 2015 Car Loan LLC made arrangements for my car to be housed elsewhere. This move occured that same day at 9:18 am. On April 23 2015 at 1:43pm car loan llc requests my car be sent to an auction. In an entirely different state than the one I reside in. I was told I had 10 days. My car was gone the first day and sent to auction on 3rd day. Law requires 15 days AND a certified letter of intent to auction. I received neither. When I called I was belittled, degraded, called a liar and so on. I’ve saved those recordings as well. I was told they took my car before. Absolutely untrue. They also used different names for every different transport of my car. Above I listed all. They give false names and addresses. The 2 addresses “John” gave me were to other businesses. “John” aka Justin Radcliff gave me an address to send my legal stuff too. It doesn’t exist. I have now retained an attorney. Filed stolen vehicle charges with both local and state police. I’ve also contacted our chamber of Congress, our financial division, the DOJ (oh yes I’m going high), BBB and I will continue to post this everywhere. Too many people are being hurt. I know our laws, especially our state laws (example-usery laws). If this is or has happened to you file lawsuits. Do not stop. This is illegal. There are 4 of us just in my area who are in this together. .

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