Car-Mart Of Tulsa

Car-Mart Of Tulsa

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Published: 21 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We went to Car-Mart the find a new vehicle. With our poor credit we have to choose buy here pay here locations, Car-Mart looked promising. Once inside we were informed that we would have to put $1300 down to be able to get into any car on the lot. Then, they told us after agreeing to the down payment, that we were only eligble to be placed in 1 of 4 cars. We chose a 1999 Ford Windstar. The van was ok, with a few electrical issues. The driver’s side power seat, window, and the rear window did not work. Fine, we could deal without. So we drove off the lot. 3 weeks later we’re sitting in traffic and the van starts to shudder and hesitate when we take off from a stop. We take it to a Ford dealership who tell us that by the looks of it the oil hasn’t been changed in over a year! We informed Car-Mart, oh well too bad, not their problem. A few days after owning the van we decided to use it to visit family in OKC. It was then that we noticed that the 3rd row seat was not the one that came with the van, matter of fact, it wasn’t even anchored in place. It was just set in the back and called good. We we’re actually able to go back to the lot to have them replace it with another. Shortly after that issue, we find that we’ve got a radiator leak as well. Not covered by the mandatory $500 warranty that we had to buy (Which basically covers events like your engine falling out of the vehicle or spontanious combustion). Car-Mart says too bad, it was sold as-is. A week later, the a/c isn’t working, there’s a leak some part of the manifold. Fixed by us, didn’t even bother with Car-Mart. Now, here it is, we haven’t owned the vehicle 4 months and the brakes (shoes, pads, rotors, and brake line) all have to be replaced, as the brakes gave out while it was being driven. I understand that when you buy a used vehicle you are taking a chance, but this is just ridiculous. Realizing that we couldn’t afford to fix the few hundred dollars worth of repairs and make our payment, we called to see what arrangments could be made. Nothing. They gave us a whole 2 day extension on our payment and preceeded to tell us that when repairs are to be made we’re supposed to be taking it to them to have repaired. Why in the world would I trust them with my brakes when they can’t even change the oil! This place is awful. The manager is rude and this was the worst experience I’ve ever had when buying a vehicle.

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