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Published: 08 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Hi everybody, I’m Dan, and I just wanted to leave my comments about this place. So, I have a Toyota Sienna 2016, never gave me any trouble, but this time it was making a weird noise, I’m not very lectured in cars, so I asked around for a place where I could get it fixed. Most people recommended this place, and I decided to give it a try. But what do we do when the ”best place” is actually really bad? Honestly, I have no idea where I will get my car serviced next time, but for sure, it won’t be there.
I went to CarNerds a few weeks ago because my car was making weird noises. When I visited them, there was a huge line in front of me, I see a guy walking by, and I ask him for help. The guy gives me a weird look and tells me that I need an appointment, I thought it was ridiculous, but I went in my phone to make the appointment, it could not be for the same day, so I had to make it for the next day.
The next day I show up for my appointment, talk with the mechanic team about the issue and hear them say that it’s no big deal, they will have it fixed in a day, I was relieved to hear that because I needed my car. The man in charge tells me that they will give me a call when it’s ready, I head off very calm since I thought my car was in good hands. The next day, when I pick up my car, I go for a ride just to make sure that the weird noise is gone, and it was. I think the price was very high for the tiny fix that was needed, but I assumed that it was just because they are very famous in the area. However, I don’t think they are good at all because, after a few days of having it serviced, my car gave me trouble again. This time, it would have like jumps between speeds and would give a loud sound when doing so. I saw they had a warranty, so I went there again, this time I was not so happy.
I talked with the same man who tended me before and explained the problem, I told him that I was sure that this was related to the original issue, so it was covered by the warranty. He checked the car, said that it was a completely different problem, and it was not covered, I had to pay again. I went out of the center feeling like I had been scammed, so I decided that I’d go to a different place next time.
I was hoping that the next time wouldn’t be any time soon since this car had never given me any trouble before, but it was not like that. Around 4 days after picking it up, my car started having a weird noise again, this time was different from the previous noises. I took it to a new place, they told me that the repair was expensive and that it was better if the previous center covered the warranty, so I would not have to spend so much money. Against my common sense, I went there again, they said it was nothing covered by the warranty and tried to charge me twice as much as the other center for the repair. I refused to pay them anything more, I left and never went back.

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