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Published: 05 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I went into the shop to get a quote on repair for a head gasket. They told me it was going to be $700.Then I came back a week later and They told me the cost would be $800 and would take 4 days. I agreed because I needed the work done before I had to leave for a few weeks. On the third day the Shaun the owner of Car tune called me and said he had not touched the car yet and that the tires and rims had been stolen. This came as a suprised to me because Shawn assured me parking the car where he told me was safe. Also because he hadn’t touched the car after 3 days. I didnt recieve any phone call that he was behind schedule or anything. They didnt file a police report so I called one in. They said that they would take car of all the insurance work and that when I got back in a coulple weeks my car would be good to go. 4 day later I gave them a call they said they had information and everything was good when I came back. 2 Weeks later gave them a call again and they said my car was good and to come in. I asked them if there was any information that I need to know. They said no, and even offered for my engine work to be done free. 4 day later I went into the shop. They said my car was ready gave me the keys and said good luck. Without my tires. $3000 rims and tires. They put cheap granny plastic ones on and said their insurance wasnt going to cover the wheels because the car wasn’t in the shop. I let them know how ridiculus what was for me to leave with less than I came in with. After telling them I would have to take them to court. They said they would find a way to pay for the wheels. Every week I called them. Every other week for 6 months they said the wheels were comming in. Finally after telling them that was the last straw. I had given them a pix of my exact rims, wheels and the prices. When he said they came in. I went to the store and checked. Both rims and tires were wrong. I told him. And he said if I took him to court he would make sure that he payed me $50 a month untill it was payed off. $59 a month for $3000. I wasnt going to be in the area for that long. I think they stole the wheels and rims. They blamed it on the crackheads, but I saw the video from the store owners next door. The people who took my rims did not look anything like crack heads. They actually looked like the owner from car tune. That wouldn’t be enough evidence because the picture was to blury and you could see their cars licience plate. Plus the police didnt want to come out and take a report or fingerprints or whatever they do. Josh Everett, WashingtonU.S.A.

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